George Soros Remains Unchanged Despite the Defeat

The rich Democrats had spent their fortunes for the Democratic presidential candidate at At the end of the day, things didn’t go well for them as they lost to their opposition. This caught them by surprise, and they recently held a meeting to discuss this situation. This meeting was held in Washington DC at a hotel called Mandarin Oriental hotel. Some of the agendas that were discussed included the role of DNC in influencing elections results as well as the role of money in American politics on Donald Trump managed to win the presidential election without donations from outsiders. He used his money.

This meeting conference had been organized by the Democratic Alliance Donor Club, one of the most influential partners of the Democratic Party. Among the people who attended the election include the leader of the Democratic Party in Congress Nancy Pelosi as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren and the influential Keith Ellison. According to sources close to the meeting organizers on, the meeting was one of its kind since the defeat, and the main aim of the meeting was to strategize on how to oppose the Trump presidency and to plan on how the party will conduct itself on the upcoming midterm’s elections.

Soros was born in Hungary 85 year ago. He managed to survive the Nazi persecution through the help of his dad who would give them fake documents and identities to survive. When things got worse, he moved into the United Kingdom alone where he attended the London School of Economics having discovered his love for math and finance. Later on, he immigrated to the United States of America and took his first job at the Wall Street. On the onset of the cold war, his parents joined him in the USA. He has made his wealth through risky currency trades. George Soros has a wealth of about $ 27 billion. This is according to a recent report by the Forbes magazine.

George Soros had made a contribution of about $30 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. It is believed that the two enjoy a friendship since the early 90s during the Bill Clinton first presidential term. Since then, the two have agreed on similar issues. The various issues that led to George Soros contribution include the criminal justice reforms, the religious tolerance issues as well as the immigration reforms. This is not the first time that he has made such donations. George Soros made donations to the 2004 presidential candidate referring to the defeat of George Bush as a matter of life and death. To show the seriousness of his contribution, Soros was planning to attend the Democratic convention to hear Clinton accept her nomination. However, things came up, and he was unable to make the trip to Philadelphia.

During the three-day closed-door meeting, it was revealed that the Democrats warned that the right lessons should be learned from the defeat. They believed that some people are making some wrong interpretations of the results. Soros has remained unchanged in his fight against ideas he doesn’t believe in despite the defeat.

A Brief Look the Life of Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

Born on March 9, 1976, to a wealthy Venezuelan family, Thor Halvorssen spent his childhood years in Venezuela and immigrated to the United States as a young adult. His father was an overseas investigator and anti-narcotics for the Venezuelan government at the time. His mother was shot and later succumbed to her wounds in 2004 during a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen is heavily involved in pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights, public interest advocacy, and matters relating to public policy. In 1993, his father was arrested for investigating money laundering allegations against the notorious Medellin Cartel but was later released after being found innocent of all charges. Thor Halvorssen went to the University of Pennsylvania where he concurrently graduated with undergraduate degrees in History and Political Science. Thor Halvorssen is a film producer, human rights activist, and the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum.

The Oslo Freedom Forum
The Oslo Freedom Forum is a group of zealous human rights, democracy, and social justice advocates devoted to the elevation of human rights in the world. From inspiring free expression to promoting the rule of law, the Oslo Freedom Forum is committed to the pursuit creative methods of increasing human freedom. Members are spread all over the world from all walks of life; from political dissidents spending their lives under dictatorial governments, to tech geniuses advocating freedom of speech in Western nations. The movement upholds its belief of a free life without negative interference from the government.
Human Right Foundation
The Human Rights Foundation is an independent non-profit-making organization committed to the protection and promotion of human rights at an international level. The organisation is founded on the ideals of human rights activism and focusses on uniting societies towards the common goals of supporting liberal democracy and protecting human rights.

Moving Picture Institute
Moving Picture Institute is a film production company committed to producing films that educate the masses about human rights and freedoms as well as support millions of politically oppressed societies all over the world. Filmmakers and actors willing to tell the story of their freedom have a perfect home in Moving Picture Institutes. Most of these actors end up having very successful careers in Hollywood.

Ny Tid Newspaper
In 2010, Thor Halvorssen purchased Ny Tid, a Norwegian global oriented monthly newspaper. The newspaper provides a forum for human rights and freedom activists to engage their audience freely.

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How Online Reputation Management Has Changed Advertising

The task of the entrepreneur has taken a completely different form in recent decades. Years ago, she might have to live on the road, out of a suitcase for months at a time trying to establish relationships. Just as the printing press marked a revolution in education, the Internet has marked a revolution in advertising. However, just as easily as one develops a positive image, a negative image can emerge as well. It may well be even easier for the smearer because people are more likely to believe a negative review than a positive one. In this article, the author points out how the industry has changed and the fact that anybody can exploit the tactics of digital marketing through online reputation management.

Anybody Can Establish A Brand

There may be some obstacles to reaching people today. You have to get people to follow your social media accounts. But the fact is that anybody can do it. If you have a story to tell or good insight to share with the world, there is a potential outlet. You just need to know how to wield it. Decades ago, the average person would have virtually no outlet to communicate with the world. People do not read what you say or hear any of your insight. Great minds were lost to history until the advent of the Internet. The average person can impact lives. A talented, charismatic speaker can become a YouTube sensation. The small-time entrepreneur has the opportunity to rival the most successful businesses in the world.

An Individualized Strategy

The article also argues that not all websites and businesses are created equal. It would be inappropriate to apply the same SEO strategy for each one. It is similar to how an employer could not use the same disciplinary tactics on every employee. Sometimes negative reinforcement will work, while others it will be discouraging. In online reputation management, it will depend on your brand and your audience. This is one reason that it is important to coordinate with professionals who understand the industry.

The Internet has revolutionized marketing. It has created an opportunity for people who have never had one.


Keith Mann Encourages High School Students To Go To College

For many high school students, college is something that they would like to pursue. The students work hard. The students make good grades, and the students have a desire to attend college. While these students are ready to take on the academic challenge of college, many of the students are not ready for the financial reality of college.

The fact is that college is extremely expensive. Just going to a small college is a financial challenge. Attending a large four-year college can push the finances of high earning families.

With the costs of college increasing on a yearly basis and the cost already above what many people can afford, many high school students are thinking that they will not be able to go to college. However, there are people who believe that a college education is still possible for even the poorest of the poor. The lack of money should never be the reason why students do not go to college.

According to Metro, one of these people is Keith Mann. As a local businessman in the New York area, Keith Mann has the opportunity to talk to students on many occasions. He always stresses that attending college should be a goal for students. Also, earning a college degree should be the ultimate goal of attending college. Learn more about Keith Mann:

Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship for students graduating from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship is intended for the purpose of helping the students pay for college expenses. Any graduating senior from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn can apply for the scholarship.

Keith Mann is CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners. As an executive search professional, Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience. Dynamic Search Partners is a firm that helps companies both large and small find qualified professionals to fill key positions in the companies.

Keith Mann has a proven track record in the executive search industry. He has helped hundreds of clients find the right person to fill open positions. With a combination of business expertise and excellent communication skills, Keith Mann is able to bring a lot to the table for Dynamic Search Partners.


Monthly Yoga Pants

Fabletics is an online retail subscription selling athletic wear. It’s not just athletic wear but termed “athleisure” wear. Reviews indicated that its very comfortable and the styles look amazing. The low prices and yoga pants are every women’s dream. Now you get them as a monthly subscription. Every month between the first and fifth you decide whether you want to “shop or skip”. If you decide to shop, Fabletics picks out and ships the perfect outfit for you. This is done through a personal survey that you take when signing up for this service. When completing this option, your credit card will be charged $49.95. If you decide to skip, between the first and fifth, no action will be taken. No outfits and no charge will be made to your card. If you decide to do nothing or forget, you will be charged $49.95 and have a credit of one outfit that you have to use. This is where it could get expensive if you continually forget to “shop or skip.” For your first order, you receive steep discounts of $25 for your outfit which should get you in the door. At anytime you have the ability to cancel if you feel you don’t need to keep ordering yoga pants.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-founders, is a model for the athletic wear. She goes above and beyond, utilizing her own cell phone to take actions shots in her Fabletics outfit during workouts. This connects with customers in a unique way. The company opened in October of 2013. The majority of business is completed through online subscription mentioned earlier. Now brick and mortar stores are popping up around the country. Expansion into Europe occurred into 2015 along with a new men’s outlet called FL2, launch with Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver.


The passion of the company is enhancing activity through comfortable clothing. The latest craze is for women to wear leggings and the styles available are off the charts.

If you are interested in finding some great fitting leggings, hand picked out for you every month for a reasonable price, look no further! Check out Fabletics!


Leading Infrastructure and Logistics Company IAP Worldwide Services

For over two decades IAP Worldwide Services has established itself as a leading logistics and facilities management company. IAP Worldwide has also developed into one of the best companies when it comes to providing technical services as well. This company works with the United States government and the military. As well as assisting both the federal government and the military, IAP Worldwide Services also serves other organizations in the private sector. IAP Worldwide Services provides its clients with a number of services that are quite beneficial. The company will put together roads, buildings, communication systems, and energy systems in remote locations throughout the world. It will also oversee both communication and technology systems as well. Therefore, IAP Worldwide is the go to organization when looking to establish infrastructure in unfamiliar areas in foreign countries.

The history of this company dates back nearly three decades ago. In its beginning stages, the company was known as IAP and specialized in providing logistics support along with procurement services. It would quickly establish itself as a very dependable vendor for packing and transporting supplies to various organizations. By the beginning of the 1990’s, IAP would begin working with its top client, the United States military. It helped the Army transport supplies such as generators during the Persian Gulf War. Once it finished assisting the military during this operation, it then became the most trusted vendor for them in the years to come. IAP would eventually look to expand its services in the coming years.

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In 2006, IAP Worldwide looked to expand its services so that it could meet the needs of its top clients. IAP would acquire another logistics and infrastructure management company Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. The acquisition would allow IAP to become known as IAP Worldwide Services. Once it renamed itself, the company began to provide the services it currently offers such as infrastructure development, energy and technology management. These new services would allow the company to further establish itself as the leading logistics and facilities management company in the world.

IAP Worldwide Services offers a number of job opportunities for those interested in working for the company. One of the top jobs IAP Worldwide offers is air traffic controller. Jobseekers can also seek employment as a finance analyst and a contracts administrator as well. There are also open positions as an information technology administrator too. You can visit the company website to find out more about these jobs and apply for them.

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Brad Reifler Provides A Unique Perspective for Investing

When it comes to investing, a lot of people have an opinion. People tend to give an opinion regarding investing because there is so much information available related to investing. People can get information on the internet, on television, in magazines, and numerous other resources. With a wealth of information at their finger tips, people have access to a lot of information, but information is only one part of investing. Another important part is what people do with the information.

This is where people tend to have problems regarding investing. They can get access to information, but they do not fully understand how to analyze and use the information concerning investing. This is why investment firms are utilized so much by investors. Investment firms have many people who work at investment firms who are able to locate, review, analyze, and use information concerning investing to make sound investment decisions.

Investors use investment firms to help with all aspects of investing. The result that investors want to see concerning their investments is an improvement over what they would have been able to do by themselves. In many situations, investment firms will produce much higher investment performances than investors could produce on their own.

One of the investment professionals who has proven over time to be a great investment professional is Brad Reifler. The current CEO of Forefront Capital. Mr. Reifler has been a productive investment professional over his entire career. Brad Reifler has a unique understanding of how investing works in the larger picture of the entire business world. He makes sound investment decisions and is able to make investment decisions concerning little known investments that prove to be great winners.

Brad Reifler has been able to take his individual talent as an investment professional and use it in his role as CEO at Forefront Capital. He has been able to make the investment firm a high performing firm for numerous investments that the firm manages. His uncanny ability to make bold business decisions that work well is admired throughout the financial industry.

The investment sector of the financial industry is one of the most popular sectors in the financial industry. There are many people who are known for producing great results regarding investments. One of these people is Brad Reifler.

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

Are you looking for one of the most reliable ways to increase your credibility as well as maintain a great online track record? Do you want to bring in customers and increase sales and profits in your company? If you are serious about boosting revenues and achieving the success you desire, you need to be sure your company is being perceived in a positive way.

Online reputation management service is essential nowadays and can give you the peace of mind you need to run a profitable business.

Exactly how you present on yourself has a lot to do with what people think about you. Today, with the advancement in technology and easy Internet access, you have to be concerned about just what individuals see when they lookup your name or your organization. It is important to have an online reputation management system in place.

It is absolutely essential for you to maintain your word when dealing with people. If you promise to do something be sure you do it. People rely on, and also recommend trusted and reputable businesses or people.

Be a trustworthy person. Take the time to help others obtain exactly what they desire. Make other individuals look good and they will remember that. By discovering ways to earn other individuals’ admiration you develop good credibility.

It is also a good idea to do more than expected, particularly when dealing with customers. Provide them with top quality service or product and they will spread the word about you and your company’s excellent reputation. experts can advise and guide you in setting up reliable monitoring and management systems and tools to help track conversations about your business and address issues effectively.

Be sure to do your research before choosing a company to render reputation management service for your organization or brand.

A good reputation management firm will let you know exactly what they can do for your reputation issues and your brand online reputation, just how much they will charge you, and how long it will take to see the preferred outcomes.

Eric Lefkofsky – A Great Man

Eric Lefkofsky is a self-made American entrepreneur. Eric was born on September 2nd, 1969 and grew up in Southfield Michigan. He is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus and chairman of the popular coupon app known as Groupon. Throughout his life Eric has triumphed in the business world by starting and growing several businesses, such as InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics – both companies have become successful in the stock market. Currently Residing in Glencoe, IL, this self-made entrepreneur is married and has 3 children.

Lefkofsky attended and graduated from The University Of Michigan with honors in 1991. After graduation, Lefkofsky continued at The University Of Michigan Law School and received his Juris Doctor in 1993. Shortly after graduation, Eric and his college friend, Brad Keywell, borrowed money from relatives in order to purchase an apparel company in Madison, Wisconsin. As Eric’s success continued to grow, in 2003 he found himself working for Halo and Starbelly – both of which had multiple lawsuits against them after they faced bankruptcy. After Starbelly, Eric started InnerWorkings which aided companies by providing print procurement services to initiate solid year to year growth.

During his lifetime Eric Lefkofsky has donated millions of dollars towards cancer research. In his efforts to help find a cure for cancer, Lefkofsky started Tempus which has created a smarter approach to finding a cure for cancer. The program analyzes patient’s genetic codes to make a more personalized and precise form of medicine. Through this electronic program, physicians are able to give their patients the best possible treatment.

In 2006, Eric and his wife Liz began a charity known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation was created by the Lefkofsky’s to ensure access to quality education, expand cultural initiatives, improve fundamental human rights, and propel innovative medical research. The foundation’s sole purpose is to focus on the well-being of others – and the foundation does just that.

Not only has Eric donated money but Eric also donates a lot of his time. He currently serves on the board of directors at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky also serves on the board of directors at The Art Insitute of Chicago as well as the board of directors of The Museum of Science and Industry. Last but not least Lefkofsky also serves as a member of the board of World Business Chicago.

One of Lefkofsky’s main focuses is how technology affects business. He has also started his teaching career at multiple schools in the Chicago area including DePaul’s University and Northwestern University. Lefkofsky is currently teaching at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where he teaches a class on entrepreneurship and building a technology-based business. Along with teaching, Eric has also written a book called Accelerated Disruption based on his teachings of a technology based business.

Genius Billy Mcfarland And The Ingenious Magnises

Magnises is an executive social club that has exclusive events as well as deals only available to clients with the club’s black card. 23-year-old Billy McFarland founded Magnises. Magnises is an enterprise which provides an experimental and platform that enables its members to unlock their cities and take their lives to the next level.

The ingenuity of Billy McFarland in the formation of Magnises is quite outstanding. Members get to enjoy an entirely unique set of both cultural and professional experiences which are in line with the customized interest of each client. The experiences that Magnises offer ranges from private members only performances, exclusive art previews as well as exquisite tastings with perfect chefs.

Billy is a genius entrepreneur; at just the age of 13, he founded his first enterprise. The outsourcing business matched interested clients to particular designers. He studied Computer Engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Billy has also founded an online advertising platform called Spling where he still serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Since he founded Magnises in 2013 and founded the black card in 2014, it has turned out to be one of the fastest growing innovative benefit platforms in the world. Billy is the CEO and has offered excellent leadership which has seen his enterprise get to the levels it is at today. Billy McFarland is an outstanding tech-wiz and a mastermind with unique qualities which has helped him to create a way to attract as well as monetize millennial.

Billy McFarland has engineered a Magnises NOW app which equals having a personal assistant at your hands. The leading company has continued to offer clients with suggestions for the best experiences that best meet your needs. Magnises and Billy will help its customers to have the most out of their city regarding fine dining, nightlife suggestions as well as reservations. Billy is a dedicated and intelligent individual who has come up with an ideal way to enhance your city life.