Dick DeVos Shares Success with the World Around Him

The true wealth of a person can really be accounted for when one considers how much that person gave to others. It is no wonder, then, that so many people consider the DeVos Family to be a truly wealthy group of people. This family has experienced a lot of financial success over the years, and they have not been afraid to share that wealth with those in need. According to an online article, the DeVos family has managed to give away over $1.2 billion over the years. This fact, alone, makes the family one of the Top 20 most philanthropic. The family has used these financial gifts to enrich health services, faith-based organizations and arts & culture.

One of the most well-known members of the DeVos Family is Dick DeVos. If you recognize that name, you are not alone. Dick has served as the CEO of Amway, he ran for governor’s office in Michigan and he was named by Forbes as the 67th richest person in the United States of America. DeVos’ net worth has been estimated to be around $5.1 billion.

Dick DeVos grew up in the family business (Amway) and spent his formative years in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He began officially working for the family business in 1974. Over the next ten years, DeVos filled various roles within the company, and became a VP in 1984. The DeVos family went on to purchase the Orlando Magic in 1991, with Dick stepping in to be the team’s president and CEO. He went on to leave that position in 1993, when he succeeded his father as the President of Amway.

DeVos has always displayed a heart to provide help to people who need it. It makes sense, then, that Dick and his wife became co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. This fund allows low-income Michigan residents to receive private scholarships, so their children can attend the school of their choice. Dick went on to further establish his passion for philanthropy with his involvement with the Children’s Scholarship Fund (matching a $7.5 million grant the fund received), the Kids First! Yes! Campaign and the formation of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which gives money to several charitable causes that focus on children and education.

It is always refreshing to see the most successful and wealthy people making a point of giving back to the world. Dick DeVos, in keeping with the practice of the DeVos Family for decades, has shown just how much of a difference one can make by making philanthropic endeavors a top priority.

Famed Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, Joins Online Platform Zwivel

Zwivel is an online site that helps to match patients with cosmetic surgeons. Unlike basic sites that simply detail the pros and cons of each doctor or cosmetic surgery practice, this interactive site allows both the doctor and the patient to have input in the process. Anyone that wants to use the site pays a membership fees. Doctors are able to supply their credentials and what procedures they specialize in and prospective patients can ask questions and get estimates for their procedures.

According to a recent New York Times article at http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/07/business/smallbusiness/cosmetic-surgery-thats-just-a-click-away.html?_r=1 the site was started by two cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Gary Breslow and Dr. Craig Abramowitz, who wanted to find a way to prevent the time wasted with initial consultations. This was particularly true for patients who were unrealistic about what cosmetic surgery can accomplish and what the cost of the work they want would be. Better advance information on rodrohrich.com, the doctors believed, would result in less wasted office time for the clinics that were unable to meet the desires of some people. It also serves the dual benefit of saving the average patient time because they are able to research the procedures they want in the privacy of their own home and at their own leisure.

The site includes doctors like Rod Rohrich, M.D. a Dallas-based plastic surgeon that is considered one of the best in the country. Dr. Rohrich specializes in reconstructive and age-reversal procedures. He is the author of numerous textbooks, has written more than 1,500 scientific papers and has created a number of specialized publications on the topic of plastic surgery. He has also been featured on a number of television programs and news media broadcasts. Rod Rohrich is the Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. His research has helped to improve surgical techniques in reconstructive surgery that has made the procedures more effective and safer.

Dr. Rohrich provides care to patients at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures. His clinic offers consultations with clients interested in learning what surgery can do for them. He encourages people to carefully research and consider the benefits of each procedure before making any investment. Rohrich also works to educate patients and prospective patients about myths of plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures that may lead to harm or disappointment from unrealistic expectations.

Why You Should Sign Up For White Shark Media’s Free Evaluations

White Shark Media, a US-based online marketing company is now pleased to announce that they offer free AdWords evaluations.

Their main focus is on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine marketing (SEM), and they can show you how ad campaigns can be built better and drive in a lot more traffic to your website. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

So if you’re wondering why you should sign up for their evaluation session, there are several reasons you should. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:  http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

First of all, it’s simple to do. All you have to do is go to White Shark Media’s website, fill in their evaluation contact form, or call them and they’ll setup a time to go to gotomeeting.com where a specialist will evaluate your current AdWords campaigns and tell you what would be done differently. Second, there is no catch associated with this evaluation.

While they do hope you will decide to become a regular subscriber, there is no obligation to do so, and they will not attempt to change your current AdWords campaigns.

Third, whether you sign up for White Shark Media Review service or not, you’ll likely come away from the evaluation session with more knowledge of how Google AdWords works.

White Shark Media is committed not only to bringing customers top of the line marketing strategies, but to find new ways to address customer complaints and concerns.

While the company is one of the few to become a Premier SMB Partner with both Google and Bing, they’ve still had a few areas where quality service was lacking. Their customer service team has fixed a number of those areas and implemented new ways to do business.

For example, maybe you’re reluctant to turn over the management of your AdWords campaigns to new people who you fear might change them into something that doesn’t work as well.

This is something that has happened in the past at White Shark Media, but they’ve taken steps to make sure it doesn’t anymore.

Mainly, they have analysts review current AdWords campaigns that are doing well, and make sure that new campaigns follow a similar structure but add better features to them.

And they have supervisors who closely monitor AdWords performances and make sure all campaigns are up to par. They make sure that all their customers are up to date on campaign performances by scheduling monthly review meetings, and by having a contact person who’s available to call 24/7.

White Shark Media Knows What To Do About Complaints

A lot of money can be earned through internet marketing. Bing and Google AdWords has the potential to deliver a tremendous amount of money to a small business that explores this avenue of advertising.

The right management helps deliver such results. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

Small business proprietors and self-employed entrepreneurs might not be able to manage a campaign without help. White Shark Media of Miami, FL definitely has the potential to help in a big way.

Clients who have earned solid revenues through their affiliation with White Shark Media attest to this fact.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc

All is not 100% in AdWords world. The management of White Shark Media discovered it can be difficult to please every customer. As a new company, White Shark Media had to work a few things out.

In a blog post, the business did what few other companies would be willing to do: admit mistakes. The company has gone to great lengths to acknowledge complaints and, more importantly, do what is necessary to fix things. White Shark Media’s management even went so far as to say troubling things “won’t ever happen again”.

The company has gone far beyond what is expected to make sure people never “lose touch” with an AdWords campaign. Staying on top of a marketing campaign is necessary for an entrepreneur/business owner know if things are going right. White Shark Media now takes drastic steps to keep everyone in the proverbial communications nexus.

In addition to totally upgrading the phone system and changing phone contact policies, the firm has taken to the internet to further boost reliable communications. Online monthly streaming via Go2Meeting is part of the package deal now.

A search engine marketing specialist is available to meet with clients online to discuss the particulars of an account and its status. Of course, reaching the SEM specialist via phone can be done at any time. No one is limiting to waiting for the scheduled monthly meeting to discuss matters with the SEM specialist.

The company has taken all client feedback – good and bad – to heart and instituted scores of changes. Other new policies put into place include providing tracking data on phone leads and inquiries as well as maintaining components of previous pre-White Shark Media developed AdWords campaigns that are showing results.

If there was a lesson to be learned here, it would be White Shark Media Complaints team wants clients to be happy. They are happy when they make money and their experiences with an AdWords management firm is smooth. White Shark Media wants to deliver on both these regards.

Copying Happening at the NutriMost Website

Recent news has reported that Healthy Living, a weight-loss program that is a rival to another weight loss program called NutriMost, has copied a video from the NutriMost website.

The video shows the tenets of the NutriMost diet program and how it can work for anyone. Healthy Living swiped this idea, and in fact, they swiped the entire video and changed only the reference to the particular diet name. NutriMost is filing a lawsuit against them.

How Does NutriMost Help?

What’s so great about the NutriMost system for weight loss is that it doesn’t involve any of the old crazy diet routines that you’re so used to. For example, you won’t have to worry about going on an insane diet where you have to count your calories and fat grams and carbs. You won’t feel hunger all day long either. This program is doctor supervised as well as doctor recommended as you will see in the video.

There aren’t even any drugs or hormones involved either, and there are certainly no shots or surgeries to worry about. The program is designed to help you lose weight in a safe way but quickly as well. In fact, you will lose up to 1 to 2 pounds each day. Wherever you want to lose weight on your body, you can do it with the NutriMost program.

Every person gains weight differently, and the experts and doctors who worked with NutriMost to help them create the perfect weight loss program new this.. That’s why they created a program that can work for literally anyone.

Remember that not all diets will work for everyone, but you can rest assured that this one can help. If you haven’t already tries NutriMost, give a go and see the benefits it can offer you on your weight loss journey.




How Skout Has Enhanced Online Interactions

Skout, founded by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund, is an online mobile social network platform. The app is a global network for chatting, mingling, exchanging pictures, checking out photos and buzz feeds, and meeting people both local and from around the world. Skout’s primary iOS launched in 2009. The app has 3.5 million monthly active users. The app is available for free from the App Store. MeetMe announced that it had acquired Skout for $28.5 million in cash and 5.37 million shares of the company, which had a $54.6 million estimation value. However, part of the acquisition agreement stated that Skout would remain operational and continue as a standalone brand.
Recently, Skout began a promotional campaign through the official iOS Facebook app. Using Skout is very easy. You may choose to either log in with your Facebook account or Google+. If you do not want to sign in with either Facebook or Google+, then, you can create a profile with your e-mail. After creation of your Skout account, you need to fill your profile details with necessary information, whether you are interested in men or women. It will assist in customizing your experience by displaying people that you might be interested in.

The primary interface of the Skout account shows a grid view of people online at that time. If you click on them, you can see their basic information, commence a chat with them, block them, or add them to your favorite list. Skout also allows you to leave comments or likes from their recent posts.

There is a drawer on the left, which shows alternative means to browse the network. The alternatives are Buzz, Look at Me, and Shake to Chat. Buzz shows the social feed of the people while Look at Me is a bidding game that allows users to accumulate points, which enables them a feature spot. Shake to Chat initiates a conversation with a stranger and reveals the users’ profile after 40 seconds.

Most activities in Skout cost “points” to perform. The points may either be purchased or acquired through other means. The points are used to view other peoples’ profiles, use the “wink bomb” facility, and also sending gifts. Sending winks enable the user to earn some attention. A browse of the buzz feed shows few users that have become friends at that moment.

Skout has encouraged interaction and is fun to use.

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Beneful: 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition for Your Dog

Taste, texture and nourishment complete the perfect dog food, and I am proud to say that Beneful by Purina has worked hard to deliver this for years now. I remain a loyal Walmart customer, and my dog is healthy, happy and full of energy.

Whether your pooch is an adult or pup or an extra small, small, medium or large breed, there is a Beneful meal for your precious canine. The varieties are practically endless in dry, wet, treat or special diet dog foods, and the tail-wagging flavors are out of this world, including Bacon, Beef, Cheese, Chicken, Fruits & Berries, Lamb, Peanut Butter, Salmon and Turkey.

I think your dog would enjoy these favorites I give to my handsome pooch, so let’s take a look:

Beneful Medleys Tuscan, Romana & Mediterranean Style Variety Pack Canned Dog Food features a wonderful blend of juicy real meat pieces, veggies and whole grains in a lovely sauce. When I add just a half can of this to my dog’s dry food, he goes crazy hungry, finishing off the entire bowl with delight.

Beneful IncrediBites for Small Dogs with Real Chicken Dry Dog Food is another superb choice for my small dog, and since he is a true chicken lover, this dry food is great. Crunchy with protein-rich chicken pieces, this meal is perfect even for my sometimes finicky pooch. I love the mini bites for my little dog.

Beneful Healthy Smile Mini Dental Twists Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats do a thorough job of cleaning my dog’s plaque and tartar buildup, all in a delicious base of peanut butter and parsley for the best crunchy treat and cleanest breath around.

Beneful Baked Delights Stars with Real Bacon & Cheese Dog Treats are my pooch’s favorites, and who could blame him? When it comes to the aroma and taste of bacon and cheese, most dogs cannot resist it. I give my cutie pie one of these every evening at 7 PM, and if I forget, he lets me know with a serious bark or two. See, https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/.

Follow Beneful on twitter and get tips about pet care.


George Soros New Market Move Points to a Bearish Future

In a move that has confounded market skeptics and believers, George Soros has made a return to the market after a long hiatus. According to a report by George Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal, the bearish position taken by Soros was informed by what he sees as opportunities to profit from the unending economic and political troubles caused by a depressed global economic outlook. The report indicates that Soros Fund Management has sold stocks to buy shares in several gold mining entities. The billionaire philanthropist is staking his claim to make the most out of expected market shift, which could prove lucrative to investors in the long term.

Many investors often see gold as a safe haven to rush to whenever there are upheavals in the market. Soros Fund Management LLC currently controls about $30 billion on behalf of Soros family. On the wider scheme of things, George Soros is also concerned about capital flight from China and slow progress in the country is making towards attaining lasting reforms. The other areas of concern include the Greek crisis, migration crisis and the UK exit from the EU, which he fears might lead to the sudden collapse of the European Union. The decision on whether the UK will stay or remain in the EU is expected in June 23, 2016, when the country holds a referendum.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

About George Soros
George Soros 85, is a billionaire philanthropist with a long history of successful investing. He is also the founder and chair of the Open Society Foundations (OSF). According to Market Watch, Soros earned fame when he bet against the British Pound in 1992 and made a staggering $1 billion profit. Unlike in the past when he greatly depended on the decisions fronted by senior executives; Soros has in recent times taken a more proactive role in directing his investments. Besides investing, Soros is actively involved in shaping public policy as evidence in the contributions he has been making to a Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton candidature for president in the upcoming US general elections.

Soros involvement in public policy has also seen him write several books and articles which have appeared in various leading newspapers and magazines around the world. According to Georgesoros.com, the fourteen books Soros has written offer insights into how he approaches business and investing as well as his perspective on politics, philanthropy, globalization economics and open societies. The books include “The Tragedy of the EU” published in March 2014; “The Soros Lectures at the Central European University” published in March 2011 and “The Crash of 2008 and What is Means”, which he published in March 2009 among other books. Soros is a graduate of the London School of Economics.

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About Madison Street Capital and Hedge Funds Reports

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that provides financial services internationally. Madison Company offers a full service and integrated approach for financial and strategic solutions. The company expressly provides advice asset managers especially for hedge funds on Capital Introduction, M&A Advisory, Financial Restructuring, Portfolio Valuation and Financial Sponsor Coverage. Madison apart from being an international investment bank, the company is committed to integrity and excellence. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/madison-street-capital#/entity

Recent News

Madison Street Capital has reported that hedge funds made by the firm increased from 35 to 42 in the year 2015 while transactions volume in 2015 were 27 percent higher in the same year as measured by AUM. There are many key drivers including a wave of transactions that were experienced during the last quarter of 2015 that shows that the company will experience a record in sales of hedge fund M&A transactions. http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=116516616

Hedge fund industry transactions are showing an upward trend and despite the circumstances where hedge fund performance is underperforming, investors are making investments in the sector in the hope that they will achieve higher returns. Those managers who cannot afford large hedge funds are increasingly struggling to get new capital from the market and their performance being below portfolio capacity levels. The cost of operations increases while fees face downward pressure.

Hedge fund industry environment was high in 2015 and is expected by better in 2016. There is a variety of deal mechanism in hedge fund market that is being used to accommodate both buyers and sellers making this financial sector positioned better structurally. The market works by placing transactions as incubator deals and PE stakes and being highly fragmented makes it possible for hedge fund industry to continue pursuing consolidation.

More information about Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital does not just provide consultancy services to investment managers but achieves so through a team of professionals who have exceptional experience, knowledge and extensive relationship that makes the company one of the best premieres in the world’s investment banks. Madison is a leading provider of mergers and acquisition advisory, corporate finance through professionals who have the ability to provide appropriate financing that matches with the capital structure specified by the client situation.

Madison Street Capital Company is also proud of adequate experience in the financial sector that makes it the appropriate firm for assisting clients across a diverse range of industries. Professionals who work with Madison Capital have an understanding that every circumstance has it unique demand for analysis and recommendations that should be precise. Any business owners that are willing to sell their firms, looking for acquisitions or building an exit strategy should seek advice on corporate governance from Madison Street Capital since the company has a history of excellence and execution in the investment banking industry.


James Dondero and Linda Owen Work Together to Further Highland Capital Management, L.P.’s Charitable Giving

Co-founder and president of Dallas-based asset management firm Highland Capital, L.P., James Dondero, has decided, in order to provide strategic direction and aid to the company and its philanthropic services, that he will team up with Dallas civic leader Linda Owen. Linda Owen is the former president of The Woodfall Rodgers Park Foundation. This partnership has been made in light of Highland Capital, L.P.’s ever-expanding charitable giving program.

Linda Owen is to serve as the firm’s charitable giving manager, operating in partnership with The Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation administers Highland’s charitable giving fun. James Dondero has high praise for Dallas civic leader Linda Owen, stating: “As we’ve expanded our philanthropic activities, we recognized a need for a dedicated professional to ensure our contributions make the greatest impact. Linda has a proven track record of building effective public-private partnerships in Dallas and shares our vision for making an immediate and tangible and tangible difference in our community.”

James Dondero is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nexbank Capital, Inc., and Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P., and has over 30 years of experience in the credit markets. Mr. Dondero currently oversees all investment strategies for Highland Capital Management, which is one of the largest and most experienced global alternative credit managers in the industry. Dondero is often credited with being one of the earliest pioneers of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

Prior to his dealings with Highland Capital Management, Dondero managed more than $2 billion in assets for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, and approximately $1 billion in fixed income funds for American Express. He graduated from the University of Virginia with concentrations in accounting and finance, and holds the designations of CPA, CFA, and CMA.

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a SEC-registered investment adviser that, with its affiliates, has managed approximately $17 billion of assets under management. The Dallas Foundation is a public charity that works to improve life in North Texas by bringing together donors and nonprofit funds.

Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/james-dondero-teams-dallas-civic-200400368.html

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