BMG, A Bank Adaptive For The Present And The Future

Founded over 85 years ago, the Banco de Minas Gerais (BMG) is and has been one of the leading retail and wholesale banks in Brazil. It has continued to be the model bank in Brazil, a benchmark for other banks to watch and the standard to use for adjusting to various changing situations in the banking environments.

The bank has continuously changed its scope to increase its effective coverage and also maximize its profits. Started just as a commercial bank by the Guimarães family, the bank has expanded into businesses such as light and heavy vehicle financing, home equity loans, and funding institutions.

The bank has also formed mergers and expanded itself by entering into various agreements, pacts, deals, and even partnerships. Of primary significance is the acquisition of majority equity of the commercial bank Brasilinvest Banco Commercial S.A., purchasing of all shares of GE Money in Brazil and most significantly the business unification agreement with Itaú Unibanco S.A. The Bank owns 40% of the Banco Itaú BMG Consignado.
These critical partnerships have seen the bank lease some burdens to the partners and focus on other sectors of banking and credit services such as payroll credit cards, funding vehicles and the home equity loans.

All this would not have been possible without the leadership of Marcio Alaor, the vice president and director of BMG bank. He has created a strong reputation for the bank by setting up a specialized, highly qualified and highly motivated staff.

Some of the very significant achievements of the bank under the leadership of Marcio Alaor are the increase of the customer base by over 60%, having a clean loan record, a strong reputation nationally and the embracing of new technology and strategy to handle the varying capital and banking environments.

On strategic planning, the bank has been fervent on building consistent results. This has been based on the following key pillars. One, maximize profits the bank makes by increasing its customer base. Secondly, increase the sources of revenue to ensure liquidity at all times. Lastly, create a reliable human capital that is efficient and motivated at all times.

By the use of these simple yet effective management and planning base, BMG has risen the ranks to be the leading bank in Brazil. Evidently it shall be the bank adapting even to fit the unknown changing future.

Stretch Your Dream with Madison Street Capital

Making a brand in the world of business is what every entrepreneur desires. Investors also want to do business with an already impacting-making firm. This also goes for the clients who will find it easier to buy from a well-known company. For years, Madison Street Capital has remained a brand everyone wants to trade with. They have a reputable name when it comes to maintaining the best talents. The deals made have also remained catchy and coveted.
Services offered
In the world of business Madison Street Capital specializes in financial advisory to corporates. This includes making mergers plus acquisitions successful, carrying out valuations and giving financial opinions. This applies to the public and the private businesses in North America, Africa and even Asia. Their team of professionals is highly skilled and they are creative in different ways.
Over the years, they have maintained good employee relationships. They have also maintained hired staff thus retaining a huge slice of experience. This has branded the company as a renowned middle market investment banking firm. Through their professional skills they know how to tailor each service. This includes organizing the best capitalization and even financing structure for each client in a unique way. Through serving different professionals they know how to deal even with the hard cases.
Ready to help
Companies looking for an exit strategy are sure of getting the best package. This also involves corporate governance. They have a sweet history in the investment banking world including making their reputation valid. Their ability in partnerships in the middle market companies is also respected. This includes creating suitable partnerships across all multiple industry verticals to help achieve the best results. This is drawn from their ability to handle each client uniquely.
Breaking stagnation
While many middle market companies may lack the means to jump to the big league of economic giants, Madison Street Capital has the way to go. Their brand has been featured by Terry Bradshaw in the America TV. The feature is meant to educate the viewers on the services offered and how to take the big advantage offered.

The company has a strong belief in exploring new grounds. This involves empowering people and creating a strong business community. It has been involved in philanthropic activities together with United Way to help uplift people. The firm is has its headquarters in Chicago where is has proven to be a heavy-weight company serving the whole world.

US Money Reserve Starts A Campaign To Raise Money For The Needy

US Money Reserve announced a campaign to raise funds for Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. This comes just in time for the upcoming holidays.

The Capital Area Food Bank works with nearly 300 partners to provide food in over 20 counties in Central Texas. In 2014, over 30 million pounds of food have been given to needy families.

About CrowdRise

In order to raise necessary funds, US Money Reserve is utilizing Crowdrise, a fund raising platform where money can be donated for those in need. This site was designed to assist individuals and organizations in raising charitable donations.

CrowdRise is helping to raise funds without an expensive middleman and has assisted various individuals and organizations in causes helping with medical bills, volunteer trips, replenishing food banks, and others.

It has become a groundbreaking fundraising site since donors can check in more detail where their donations will go.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve hopes that their friends, families, and clients will donate to this charitable cause, so this holiday season more poor families will have food on their tables. Thanks to CrowdRise, it is now safe and easy to make contributions. US Money Reserve hopes this campaign will be a success.

US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of precious metals to the public. Individuals seeking to purchase and hold their own gold and silver bullion can rely on this reputable distributor. Gold from the United States, Canada, South Africa, and other countries can be purchased in the form of investment coins (American Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands) and bars.

In recent years, more investors are seeking to diversify their holdings from volatile stocks and bonds, and putting less faith in printed money.

No surprise as the Fed has recently added trillions of dollars to the economy, which is likely to lead to depreciation of paper money. On the other hand, precious metals just can’t be printed and are in limited supply.

At US Money Reserve, over 100 trained professionals are waiting to assist clients including gold specialists, numismatic experts, coin research professionals, and customer relations staff.

While seeking to diversify your assets with precious metals, we kindly ask you to consider helping the needy in this holiday season by joining our campaign with CrowdRise.

Brokers And Analysts Say New York’s Real Estate Market Is On Fire

A new report from The Real Deal shows that the New York real estate market is hotter than ever before. Recent reports have surfaces about Chinese investment in New York, and developers are riding the wave of success to previously unimagined heights. New York is an extremely expensive place to live, but brokers have enough momentum to create whole new communities from the most rundown areas of the city. This article explains how the New York market is blossoming under the watchful eye TOWN Residential and similar real estate brokers.

#1: What Does TOWN Residential Do?

TOWN Residential uses a vast array of techniques to help populate and develop the city. The companies focus is on personal clients and development deals. One half of their office helps clients find new places to live in the city, and the other half of the office creates development deals that turn around different parts of the city with brand new commercial and retail spaces.

#2: Do The Two Tasks Intersect?

The two tasks in the TOWN Residential office intersect when residential customers are looking for places to live in newly-developed areas. Young people in New York are constantly on the lookout for new places to live, and TOWN Residential fills up its new developments with many of its own customers. Their catalog of properties is large, and those properties are rising in value by the day because of the direction the New York market is trending.

#3: How Much Can The Real Estate Market Grow?

The New York real estate market can only grow so much, and real estate brokers in the city are waiting for a new plateau. Customers must be sold properties at a sizable profit, but the prices cannot rise so high that customers cannot afford these new properties anymore. The development deals that TOWN Residential completes may be too expensive to finance, and the New York real estate market would come grinding to a halt. The company is cautious as it helps its customers purchase new units every day.

The New York real estate market is getting rave reviews from developers across the city, and the city is allowing for increased growth for each broker. TOWN Residential appears to benefit the most from the expansion of real estate in New York, and their clients will move into developments paid for the increased profits from a staggeringly strong real estate market.

Madison Street Capital And Anthony Marsala Recognized For Valuation Excellence

Madison Street Capital is run by the brilliant Anthony Marsala, and Anthony’s accomplishments in valuation were recently recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. This news was recently released by the Chicago Tribune, and Anthony is becoming a star in the financial sector based on his good work. This article explores how Anthony Marsala has made Madison Street Capital into a valuation machine.

#1: What Does Anthony Do?

Anthony Marsala runs Madison Street Capital from his Chicago office, and he manages many valuations for clients on his own. Anthony’s valuations are used to complete business transactions, and his work is used by clients who want to sell their businesses. Anthony has a reputation for creating accurate valuations, and his clients receive reports on their businesses that are filled with value.

#2: What Does Madison Street Capital Do?

Madison Street Capital has a long list of clients that use Madison Street as a middle man for the sales and purchases of businesses. Businesses that want to merge or acquire another company may ask Madison Street Capital to investigate the value of the other company, or a business that wants to sell can get a report on its current value. The Madison Street team advises these clients on the value of their businesses, helps create a sales package and assists in closing each sale.

#3: Why Was Anthony Acknowledged?

Anthony has created a portfolio of work that spans more than a decade, and the NACVA noted that Anthony has kept his clients happy for quite some time. He has worked in international markets, with American businesses and valued companies of all sizes. His work is very consistent, and Madison Street Capital has grown to become one of the most popular valuation firms in the world today.

#4: Why Is Valuation So Important?

Business owners cannot afford the time or expense of doing a valuation on their own, but business owners can ask Madison Street to handle their valuations quickly. These reports come out after a thorough investigation of each company, and the reports are given to all interested parties during a sale. Anthony Marsala is considered a guru in this style of business analysis, and he was awarded for his stellar work.

Anthony Marsala has helped Madison Street Capital grow into the most sought-after valuation company on Wall Street. Their continued success is due in large part to the quality of Anthony’s work as noted by the NACVA.

Source: Chicago Tribune

The Integrity And Trust Of Madison Street Capital

The Madison Street Capital segment on Today in American TV addresses why it is a financial business to trust. With Terry Bradshaw hosting, this segment discusses why Madison Street Capital is more than a financial business that is superficial. Rather, it is a business that values providing advice to start-up and long-standing business looking to gain capital funds.

For those unfamiliar with Madison Street Capital (MSC), it is an international investment banking firm that offers corporate financial advising to public and private business. One of specialities of MSC is in the buy-side and sell-side of different organizations who are looking to increase the value of their business. Some of their other specialities include determining the value of organization, providing their financial opinion of a transaction between two businesses, as well as look closely at the allocation issues between business transactions.

In the Today of America TV segment about MSC, they provide a glimpse of how this financial industry provides more support than other investment firms. By first discussing the failure of business transactions between businesses and banks or businesses attempting to sell part of their assets to other businesses, it shows the need for a third party, such as MSC, to provide financial assistance in these transactions. With the growing need for a third party to oversee these business transactions, it addresses the issue of trusting these third party firms. The TV segment explains why it is difficult to trust these third party financial industries because of the confidentiality of these transactions.

According to the TV segment, MSC introduces integrity and a clear understanding of the clients business model. Furthermore, MSC also provides “tough love” to the client, helping them understand the realities of their business, regardless if it is bad news. MSC is willing to tell businesses what they are doing wrong. The segment also goes on to discuss how MSC leaves the client with a financially better understanding after they initially meet, regardless of if the client decides to hire MSC.

Near the end of the TV segment, MSC is discussed as one of most honest as well as personable financial investment firms to meet with for financial guidance. They provide an honest perspective to businesses regarding their value. MSC recognizes more than the individual who manages the business. They value the employees and their families in providing every business with promising financial guidance.

Slyce Is Giving Coupon Clippers A New Way To Save

An article was posted on Philadelphia Business Journal recently, stating that Slyce had bought out SnipSnap. SnipSnap was a company known for helping people to save money through coupons, but it has now become so much more than that thanks to being bought out by Slyce.

Slyce has been determined to do big things with technology since it first came to be, and now many people are getting excited about it as its new service is getting known. After acquiring SnipSnap, Slyce started working on something new. It started working on a service that will help many people save money, and that will be sure to make many people happy through doing that.

The way that the service works is through image recognition. Once one snaps a photo of the item that they would like to buy and answers a few questions about it they will quickly be set up with the lowest price item on the market. Slyce will do all of the hard work for them, and they will easily have the chance to save some money.

There will never be the excuse for one to spend too much on an item again when they have Slyce do all of the work for them. The company has done some great things with SnipSnap, and now people are able to do much more beyond just snipping coupons to save them money. They are able to shop in a whole new way, and that has to have every coupon clipper feeling very excited.

New York Luxury Real Estate Prices Peak

Manhattan, one of two lucrative boroughs of NYC apartments for rent, has seen one of the fastest growths in real estate prices in seven years. This is according to data provided by StreetEasy. New York maintains its status as one of the most attractive real estate markets in America, with continued interest from both international as well as local buyers. Two of its boroughs, Brooklyn and Manhattan, continue to post exorbitant market prices with a fifth of all residential homes considered luxury properties.

Manhattan’s median rent prices reached $3,339. These peak prices were caused by a 10.7 percent increase in rent prices for single bedroom units. Brooklyn experienced a 1.5 percent gradual increase in median rent. Alan Lightfeldt, a StreetEasy data scientist, stated that the costly prices of Manhattan rent would eventually reduce the affordability of housing within the city. As a result, many New Yorkers will have to seek housing on South and East Brooklyn to lower rent burden.

This unprecedented rise in real estate prices was also experienced in median home sales. Manhattan prices rose by 6.3 percent from the previous year to reach a whopping $982,958. While Brooklyn saw a 9 percent climb reaching a peak of $545,139.

StreetEasy’s price projections for next month indicate a steady rise in prices. This is irrespective of the slight fall in sale prices experienced earlier in the year as the market approached the third quarter. In this period, the city’s real estate prices dipped by 4.5 percent, a phenomenon down played by Town Residential, one of the city’s brokerage firms.

The firm indicated in its report, The Aggregate, that this price decrease is not the beginning of a continuous trend but rather a small hiccup. If anything, it showed that this decrease has a resultant price increase. Although this occurrence affected big stock market players, year-over-year prices remained steady. This is proof that the City’s luxury real estate is still vibrant.

Town residential is a leading real estate firm in New York that deals with the sale and purchase of luxury properties. Current co-chairman and CEO, Andrew Heiberger, established it in 2010. The other co-chairman is Joseph Sitt. The company specializes in the sale, leasing and marketing of luxury residential homes as well as property developments.

The firm is supported by a, highly skilled and experienced, professional team. This unique cocktail of excellent personnel and culture has seen the firm win top accolades. This industry leader, with unrivaled distribution networks, is ranked as one of the top firms in the city to work in.

Companies Investing In Health Are the Ones to Watch

Health care is one of the largest, most diverse fields of industry in the modern world. Hospitals, research centers, and out patient centers make up a mere fraction of the larger spectrum of the health care field. However, when companies delve into the health care industry and buy out or merge medical centers together things can often fall by the wayside, especially patient care. Companies that look to better the field of health care may need to connect deeper with the center they are taking over, though many companies buy hospitals to help keep their doors open they sometimes can cause a stir in the rift of patient care. Companies should work with their employees, from board members to the doctors and nurses that help and heal their patients. As long as the patient care is up to a high standards and patients are happy, companies should work together with staff and help mold a few of the things that may have caused the centers to loose money. By investing in the facility, companies are investing in doctors and health care workers as well, so having a mutual understanding about revamped or new procedures will help boost the newly formed relationship and ensure patient happiness. Many companies buy research facilities as well and their added investments can aid greatly in the advancement of disease research, preventative medicine, surgical technology and a multitude of other things. Research facilities aided by a parent health care company see higher investments at a quicker pace, a lot of it coming directly from the company itself. When health care companies operate and invest in their own research, scientists are able to spend more time discovering and creating rather than worrying about where the money is coming from. With a direct focus on the research itself it makes the entire operation better for every, especially patients. Another aspect that can affect the success or failure of a health care company running a health facility is patient care. From a companies perspective the way their patients are treated and their overall happiness means that they are going to keep coming back to their facility. It creates a network when one patient is happy with their care and then goes on to tell their friends or family members, thus bringing in more people to the center. Providing quality care with well trained staff as well as keeping an organized front desk and clerical center are all additive key factors. Nobilis Health, a widely recognized and respected health care company in the field, believes patient care should be a top priority. They operate over 100 health care facilities including hospitals, out patient centers and surgical equipment production centers. They are run by a team of experts who seek nothing but excellence and quality health care for all patients. After years in the field, Nobilis has helped better the world of health care by providing the best, most prestigious, top of the line care throughout their facilities, centers and hospitals.

Susan McGalla a Successful Business Woman

Susan McGalla is a business woman who was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was raised with two brothers and her dad was a football coach, who never made things easy on her because she was a female. He would encourage her to be more than average and to never allow things, such as her gender to detour her from accomplishing her goals and aspirations. Susan would later attend Mount Union College located in Alliance, Ohio where she received her Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She then began working for the Joseph Horne Company in 1986 where she held various positions that used her marketing expertise. Susan McGalla also held many managerial positions while at the company. In the later part of 1994 Susan then left Joseph Horne to start her career with the company American Eagle Outfitters a clothing retailer, which is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan McGalla started at the clothing company as a merchandise buyer. She then worked her way up in the company playing many managerial roles for the company. She later became the president and the chief merchandising officer (CMO) for the company, first becoming the president and CMO of the premium American Eagle brand before becoming the CMO for the entire company. While she played the role of the company’s president and CMO, Susan would manage the launch of 77kids and aerie, two of the company’s major brands. In the beginning of 2009 McGalla would then become a private consultant and she left the American Eagle Outfitters company around the same time. In October 2009 she was arranged to be on the board of directors of HFF Inc. which is a company that provides a large number of capital market and real estate services to the commercial real estate industry in the United States of America. Susan McGalla was also appointed on the board of directors for the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. In January 2011 Susan McGalla would then take the place of Ed Thomas and became the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc., a young women’s clothing retailer. She then started P3 Executive Consulting, which is a company that gives expert advice to fashion companies helping them better understand and respond the tense fashion markets of the world, soon after she left Wet Seal in July 2012. On top of all her success and accomplishments over, Mrs. McGalla is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers.