What To Do When Your Business And Reputation Are Attacked

There is not an entrepreneur out there that does not understand the importance of having a good reputation. It takes a lot of hard work to gain the trust of customers as well as others within your industry. However, in this day and age when everyone goes to the internet when they are dissatisfied, angry, or jealous, it does not take long for a business to take a hit and the reputation that took a lot of hard work to build destroyed. There are steps that businesses can do to regain credibility after an attack.


One of the first things to do is not strike back at those who initiated the attack. This brings you down to their level and that is not where you want to be. Make sure you continue to do the job that you were doing in order to get the good reputation to begin with. Let your actions speak for you.


Another important step is to build a support system. Whether it is talking to someone who you know has your back, or getting help from a company who specializes in cleaning up bad search results like searchcleanup.com, it is important to have help through this time.


During this time, customers will have a tendency to get skittish. It is important to ensure them that you are not going to close your doors and run away. Instead, you are going to continue to do business in the same way that you have always done. You may want to even step it up a bit more if possible. This will allow your followers a chance to go to social media and write in their blogs how wonderful you are. This will help to wipe out anything negative that is being said.
It is important to stay true to who you are, even in difficult times. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone to help fix and manage your reputation and an example of such a company can be found at searchcleanup.com.

Why You Need the Services of Ross Abelow

If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you or your business, the best one to work with is one who is qualified and knowledgeable in the law. There are so many good lawyers in New York City but it is hard to find one who can be able to offer a one-stop shop for all your legal matters. There is also a challenge when you need a specific lawyer who specializes in a specific area of law in which you are interested in.

One of the good lawyers available in New York City includes Ross Abelow. He is a very reputed name and his firm is one of the best around. The good news is that with his legal services, you can be able to win a case in court or win an out of court settlement issue. The lawyer is equipped with the legal knowledge required to represent clients with a wide variety of legal issues in the state. He is not only licensed to practice law in the United States but he is also experienced in representing clients with diverse needs. Ross Abelow is also a graduate of the Brooklyn Law School.

As a lawyer, Ross Abelow can practice any area of law he is comfortable with. He can also offer general legal advice on a wide range of issues. However, his areas of expertise are mainly matrimonial and family law as well as commercial litigation and entertainment law. He is also very passionate about succession law

Where you need a lawyer to help you draft or amend your contracts, you can use the services of Ross Abelow. He is knows how to find hidden clauses within the contract and interpret them so as to help you avoid liability. He will also help you know which provisions can put liability on you as a party to the contract.

Apart from giving legal advice on matters related to commercial and business law, Ross Abelow is also a lawyer who deals with succession matters. He can help you draft your last will and reduce the stress and burden on your loved ones once you pass on.

When not in his law firm, Ross Abelow is also a philanthropist. In January this year, he started a campaign on Go Fund Me to raise money to help animal shelters in New York City. He was driven by the fact that many animals are dying in the cold due to being sick and homeless.

Do You Envy Women With Beautiful Hair?

Have you ever looked at a woman or a man and wished you had the same hair hey had on their head? Have you ever looked at a woman and said, if only I could have great hair like that? Have you ever found yourself scrolling through the internet looking for products that celebrity use or how they do their hair in order to get your hair to look the exact same way? You’re not alone. In America we are all visual people. We see that on social media especially. We look at pictures online, we look at pictures on Facebook, we look at pictures on Twitter and we look at hair videos on youtube. We just have to see things to believe them.
Not long ago the hair care industry went bananas as a new product was placed on the market, Wen By Chaz this product is a hot new product by hair extraordinaire Chaz Dean. It is an all in one hair care system that works on all types of hair. Yes ladies all. While I have never tried Wen myself, one of my favorite hair bloggers recently did and her results (posted on http://www.wen.com/before-after.html) were incredible. Her hair was flawless and beautiful and it gave me the opportunity to take a step back and realize that I too can have beautiful hair too if I gave this product a try. Another product review that I found was from http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2016/03/liu-wen-model-interview.html.



Madison Street Capital COO Anthony Marsala Named One Of Top Finance Professional Under 40

Chicago-based Madison Street Capital has made a positive impact on the merger and acquisition industry. Madison Street has offices around the globe, and the firm specializes in finding companies in the biotech, wholesale, health and technology sectors that are ripe for mergers or acquisitions. Anthony Marsala, the CEO and co-founder of Madison Street Capital, has played an important role in turning the popular investment firm into an investment banking success story. Marsala was recently nominated as one of the top finance professionals in the industry.

Madison Street Capital has a reputation for being a firm that is undaunted by international challenges. When it comes to raising capital, evaluating businesses and putting mergers in place that benefit the companies involved in those transactions Madison Street has few peers. Marsala is known for helping businesses grow financially as well as socially. Marsala looks at the big picture which is often clouded by location, financial challenges, and management styles.

Another service that Marsala and Madison Street Capital excel in is capital reorganization programs. Marsala helps mid-size companies reorganize their internal structure as well as help companies meet projections. The hedge fund division of Madison Street is another successful part of the Madison Street business model. COO Marsala believes that offering his clients the opportunity to invest in various global assets that can prosper during a recession is important. Marsala thinks a global recession could be a reality in the near future, and he is taking steps to ensure his companies can withstand what some economists call another great recession.

The recession in Europe and Asia are making deals more difficult than the deals the company put together five years ago, but there are still opportunities in Latin America, Asia, and Europe to cultivate. Marsala likes what’s happening in India, and he also thinks Brazil could be fertile ground for mergers once the political situation improves.

Even though the United States is not in recession mode, there is talk that one is coming. The GDP growth rate in the first quarter of 2016 was 0.5 percent. If that growth rate doesn’t improve the U.S. will be in a recession, according to Marsala. But that doesn’t stop the Madison Street Capital team from finding the companies that have all the ingredients to make small companies bigger and more profitable in difficult times.

Marsala was selected for the 2016 finance award because of his insight, performance, and visionary characteristics. In the investment industry what is happening now is important, but what will happen in the future is equally important. Marsala has the business skills to assess challenges and make decisions, and he is making Madison Street Capital one of the top mid-size merger and acquisition firms in the industry.

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Does Igor Cornelsen Believe China Can Save Brazil?

It pays to be close trading partners with a rising nation. While other economies tank, could the China & Brazil relationship save Brazil? Professional financial analyst Igor Cornelsen gives his two cents worth during his CNBC interview.

“Towards New Economic Alliances: BRICS”

While some in the West might believe that their domination is guaranteed forever, there are some in the East on https://www.resume.com/igorcornelsen who have been busy making new economic alliances for the future. One such alliance is between what some experts believe are the 2nd (China) and 8th (Brazil) largest economies in the world. China and Brazil inked a $50 billion deal in May 2015 that had many important reverberations.

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be hosted in Brazil and China stands to gain prestige by being a close trading partner. The deal included Chinese donations of new metro trains and catamarans to the Olympic host city on http://templeofthecave.com/igor-cornelsen-shares-advice-for-investing-in-brazil/. There was also a $3.5 billion finance and cooperation deal between China Investment Bank and Brazil’s state-owned oil firm Petrobras. President Dilma Rousseff hoped “Brazil can direct Chinese cash to overhaul decaying infrastructure as the country’s tourist magnet Rio de Janeiro prepares to host” the Olympics.

“Time Stands Still For No Nation”

During his April 2016 CNBC interview, Igor Cornelsen discussed the importance of the relationship between Brazil and China when considering investment. As China continues to industrialize, it will need more imports to build its infrastructure and feeds its masses according to Igor Cornelsen.

Also, China is attempting to gain more international prestige for its products, currency and banks. In fact, the April 2016 opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange was a monumental event on https://www.flickr.com/people/123443780@N04/, allowing the city to compete with New York City and London banking centers. Brazil’s closeness to China is sure to result in a “spillover effect” of coordinated financial growth.

Will Terry Jones Ivy League Education Impact Highlands Capital Management?

Highlands capital management has announced Terry Jones as the head of its institutional products department. Mr. Jones is a Columbia-educated business executive with more than 25 years’ experience in the market. Mr. Jones is expected to drive the strategic and risk management wings of the $20 billion in capital investment financial conglomerate.

Jones was formerly the Director of Highland funds. He also served the Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York. Mr. Jones comes at a time when Highlands is aggressively growing its brand worldwide.

Terry Jones will report directly to James Dondero.It is expected he will leverage his experience and educational background to drive the institutional division to new heights. Dondero is the best investment advisor and a hedge fund guru in the country today. He is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM) that is located in Dallas, Texas. HCM has offices in New York, Seoul, New York and Singapore for easy access by investors.

Jim is qualified as a professional Accountant, a Certified Management Accountant, and a Certified Financial Analyst. This enabled him to enter the investment business in the year 1984. His role has been highly recognized and, it gives him a chance and to be admired as a role model by most investors. He currently chairs boards of institutions due to his influence that Jim has in the field. Such organizations include CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare where he offers insights into their investments and trends of borrowing.

James has gained worldwide acclaim after his recent articles advised the Chinese government on its falling Yuan. As of January, the currency was performing poorly tempting investors to shy away from it. Many speculators had started withdrawing their savings and taking it to different places where they are not expecting a fall in the price of their currencies. But Dondero advised them against it hence saved the Chinese economy.

Highland Capital Management Company is an SEC registered company that was co-founded in 1993 by Dondero. The investment company is versatile in issues regarding investments in equities and credit. Currently, they are managing assets worth $21 billion with its affiliates globally. For over twenty years in the market, the company has been able to have a diverse client base such as corporations, governments, public pension plans and individual clients.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-appoints-new-president-of-institutional-products-for-highland-capital-management-300165627.html

Dynamic Search Partners Joins Uncommon Schools To Enrich Student Learning

The financial services sector came out in force, for a good cause, raising nearly $23,000, for Uncommon Schools. Organized by Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners, the gala event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in Manhattan, raised funds for sponsor student testing.

Dynamic Search Partners founder Keith Mann commented, “The goal of the Uncommon Schools is to close the achievement gap and prepare millions of low-income students to graduate from college.” He further remarked, “We support this mission and work towards providing everyone the opportunity to go to college.”

With a new Uncommon Schools High School, in Brooklyn, scheduled to open in the Fall, all prospective students must complete entrance examinations. The funds raised at the Standard Beer Gardens event subsidizes student PSAT and AP Testing. Until the success of the fundraising event, Dynamic Search Partners annually donated $10,000 to guarantee all high school students were able to take the test.

In 2013, Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools entered into a collaborative agreement to enhance a student’s ability to succeed in college, the business world, and in life. The curriculum offers practical, common sense approach to life issues. The innovative method works closely with students to achieve their potential for success now and in the future. Mann believes the partnership with Uncommon Schools offers students an unprecedented opportunity for unlimited success.” It was inspiring to see how motivated these students are to enter college. Students are eager to learn about how best to position themselves for college, internships, and future careers”, commented Mann.

A 15-year veteran in the executive search sector, Keith Mann is a respected and renowned financial services staffing and compensation specialist. He created Dynamics Search Partners, an executive search firm focused solely on alternative investment firms. He is the Chief Executive Officer overseeing all management operations.

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Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

Avi Weisfogel Starts GoFundMe Campaign For Operation Smile

Operation Smile was founded in 1982, over the decades it has grown into a global organization with thousands of volunteers from all around the world. The foundation has provided more than 220,000 operations. Today, they work with governments, hospitals, and other organizations to build surgical care models. Hundreds of thousands of children born in 3rd world countries with little access to health care have had their lives changed, and on many occasions saved. That’s why Avi Weisfogel decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to benefit Operation Smile. In a recent interview, Avi Weisfogel was pleased that he was lending his support for the international charitable organization. In the interview, he stated “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own.”

Dr. Weisfogel for more than fifteen years building a successful career as a dental practitioner and sleep dentistry specialist. He is a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry, and the owner of the New Jersey based business Dental Sleep Masters. Aside from his professional life, Avi is an enthusiastic sports fan. He is a life long fan of The New York Rangers, and holds season tickets to the hockey team’s games. Watch his educational YouTube video below!

A recent article details the GoFundMe campaign Dr. Weisfogel set up on behalf of Operation Smile. He stated, “My passions and background led me to select Operation Smile as the beneficiary of the GoFundMe campaign I’m running. Children deserve access to the very best care available.” Avi wants to reach his goal of $2000 in order to help less fortunate kids receive what could be a life saving surgery.

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Charles Koch Explains why he is disappointed with Republicans and their apparent choice of Trump

Power is everything, and it is in the voter’s hands. These words can describe what the Republicans are being persuaded by Charles Koch to practice and give the citizens what is right and beneficial to them. It is also the reason why Koch is frustrated by the current Republican presidential candidate line up. They just do not represent his idea of a president and may not get his $ 900 million war chest.

Charles Koch initially ignored Donald Trump, but the reality of him carrying the banner for the Republican party is beginning to hit him. He strongly condemns the campaign strategy of Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz, who he says, are divisive leaders with nothing much to offer. The idea of America is the home of the free. Threatening to ban all Muslims and Mexicans is retrogressive for a country that enslaved 20% of its population for 450 years.

But how Koch handles the rise of Trump is becoming difficult with each passing day. The voters are increasingly conscious of what influence billionaires hold on the election. If he actively funds an anti-Trump campaign, it may backfire in his face and aid his ascendancy to the throne.

Charles Koch was born to Ford Koch, the founder of Koch Industries, in 1935. Together with his brother, David, they have grown the business from a turnover of $50 million annually to over $ 100 billion annually.

Koch is highly educated. He holds an Engineering Ph.D. from MIT. He is also one of the most influential business leaders in the country.

His use of money has rubbed the wrong shoulders. Obama famously blasted him saying he is a classic example of billionaires who want to purchase the voice of the people. It has not deterred Koch. He says he is ready to spend $ 900 million in the coming campaign, and nothing can stop him.

Koch has always described himself as a classical Libertarian with Reagan Republican political beliefs. He has used his massive wealth to bankroll policies and fund political campaigns all over the country.

His advocacy groups currently employ 1200 permanent employees and have offices in 107 towns across 45 states.

Charles Koch is Wichita-born and bred and now lives there. Liz, his wife of 43 years, describes it as a perfect place to bring up children and run a business.

A recap from Vanity Fair.

A Journey to Freedom, but Not Without A Cost

Yeonmi Park is lucky to be alive. Her upbringing in North Korea paled in comparison to her trials and tribulations once she escaped to China with her mother. Her story is riveting and in the voice of a brave, enduring, and resilient young woman. In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is Yeonmi Park’s amazon best selling book, one that needs telling to the people of the world that are not aware of the brutality of North Korea or the beauty of the human spirit.

The book, published in September 2015, is an important step in informing the world of the real lives of those living under Kim’s regime. Park mentioned that her brainwashing was so severe that it wasn’t until she watched the banned movie Titanic that she realized that she had never watched a movie about love before, and that this had given her a “taste of freedom”. Her journey from her homeland to South Korea was fraught with difficulties, with human traffickers threatening to rape she and her mother on the way.

Park’s family was relatively well off in North Korea until her father turned to the black market after the economic collapse of the 1990’s; it was his business that caused her entire family to become pariahs. He was forced into a labor camp, while Park, her mother, and sister fled the country. They had a perilous journey from North Korea to China, where they were threatened with rape, and they were forced to cross the frigid and desolate Gobi desert to get to Mongolia. It was at this point that they were told they would be deported. She and her mother became so desperate that they threatened to kill themselves. This reaction forced the guards to let them go.

They found their way to South Korea, and now Park is a human rights activist. Park’s book is a must read for anyone interested in understanding what it is like to live in North Korea, and the bravery of those who are courageous enough to seek a better life.