Finding Great Deals on Mobile Wireless Services

These days, there is no reason one can’t be reached. People have their mobile phones with them at all times. On top of that, there are tons of available mobile wireless services. Even without the service, there is the ability to use WiFi. WiFi is one of those innovative inventions that allow people to use the Internet for free depending on the hotspot. All they need is a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer with WiFi. Many of the mobile service that are available are very affordable. More services are available that are not only offering more data and minutes, but they are offering it at lower prices.

One type of service that is very affordable is any service offered by FreedomPop. FreedomPop on engadget offers plenty of affordable services. Also, it offers free voice and data for tablets. For one thing, many people are kinda iffy about buying tablets that can have its own data as opposed to tablets for WiFi. FreedomPop understands the mentality which is why it offers services for tablets for free.

FreedomPop’s free services are very convenient for many people. Among the people that are going to find this helpful are people who are very hard pressed for money and need away to be reached on FreedomPop makes it very easy for people use service. The only thing is that because it is free, the service is going to be somewhat limited. If one wants to add more to their service, they can pay for an upgraded service. Yet, it is still inexpensive compared to the services of other mobile carriers. Another thing to consider is that the service is limited to a few designated devices. However, this is nothing new. Many mobile phones are exclusive to a mobile carrier. For instance, Virgin Mobile and Verizon Wireless have exclusive phones. Tablets on the other hand could be free of mobile carriers.

There are multiple mobile wireless services that one could choose from. In order to find one that is right for him, it is important to look at the services available from the carrier. The only thing is that he has to look at the mobile carrier before buying the phone. If he finds a service that he is interested in, he has to make sure that the phone that he buys is programmed for this service.

The Promise Of The Newark CEDC

Newark, New Jersey is seeing an amazing revitalization. There are an abundance of new commercial and residential developments that are promising to make the city a 24/7 hub of excitement. In the last five years, Newark, New Jersey has signed up with some of the biggest names in commercial and residential real estate to create jobs and beautiful homes for the residents. Newark is also using its new relationships to attract new people to the city. There are many people who work in Newark, New Jersey and commute to their homes somewhere else. The City of Newark is trying to make the city attractive to all by stating that you can work and live in Newark and have a great life. One of the organizations that is helping in this endeavor is the Newark CEDC.

The Newark CEDC or also known as the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is an organization in the City of Newark that works to help the residents of the city of Newark improve their lives. The organization does this by providing assistance in starting businesses, generating jobs and building wealth. The City of Newark is the only client the Newark CEDC has, allowing the corporation to focus solely on the city and its residents.

Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of the Newark CEDC. Kevin has a history of managing resources for many educational, municipal and private sector organizations. Kevin Seawright worked more than a decade in public service. After that, he transitioned into private sector work. He was the Chief Financial Officer of one of Maryland’s largest departments of parks and recreation. While there, Kevin Seawright administered more than $50 million in federal, state and city funding.

The Newark CEDC conducts classes and networking events to bring awareness to the Newark residents of the many opportunities within the city. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation also works with commercial and residential real estate companies in an effort to bring more developments to the city, which in turn will bring more resources and jobs to the residents.

Is There Hidden Value In Energy Stocks?

The oil companies are paying big dividends, and they are trading at attractive prices, according to some investors. Hedge fund giant Kenneth Griffin says oil stocks are paying 3 to 5 percent in the dividends, and they are carrying a trailing 12-month price to earnings multiples of between 10 and 12. That’s why Warren Buffet recently bought a major chunk of Phillips 66 stock, according to Griffin.

When Griffin talks investors listen. Griffin’s company Citadel LLC has more than $26 billion assets under management, and that number grows daily. Citadel came back from the brink of disaster after the 2008 recession thanks to Griffin’s ability to identify stocks that were hugely undervalued. Griffin likes to invest in the risky companies, but at this point the oil companies are as safe an investment as any on the market, according to the hedge fund king. Other investors think Griffin might be overlooking the fact that hard times are coming for oil companies.

Griffin and other investors think the market is fairly valued although there are some stocks that are overvalued, but Griffin doesn’t put energy stocks in that group. Energy stocks are not expensive according to Griffin. If anything, they are valued fairly or undervalued, so they are not expensive using any conventional metrics. Griffin says his investors, and all investors, buy stocks not just because they offer a deal due to their current valuation, but because they expect them to increase in value in the future. Griffin points out that the only ultimately fairly valued asset is cash. Cash is always worth the same amount in nominal terms, but investors don’t look at cash as an investment.

Oil stocks have a solid chance of providing strong returns over the long term, according to some investors like Griffin and Warren Buffet. Investors that lean toward long-term investments should take a hard look at oil stocks, according to the experts. The reason is anyone that bought oil stocks in the 1980s has enjoyed a 16 percent annual return. That is 4 percent higher than the annual return for the broader stock market. The annual stock returns since 1946 have been around 11 percent a year. Investors that study trends like that say the risk involved in investing in oil stocks is not that great.

But investors like Griffin and others say the short-term value of oil stocks is still somewhat of a mystery, but their dividend sustainability is certainly not a mystery. So in one sense there is hidden value in energy stocks at the moment, and in another sense there are trading at a fair price. Investors like Buffet and Griffin don’t invest billions in stocks that are overvalued, and that is no mystery.

The Resilient Houston Real Estate Industry

As other cities in the United States face a slow down, Houston appears to be one resilient city in terms of development of the real estate. There are more constructions in the suburbs with several real estate properties down town than ever before. New buildings with high-rise residential and new conventional hotels are being constructed. There are commercial developments all around the city.

Houston was at one time a single industry town. Over the years, the City has improved given the immense construction and development of real estate properties. The Greater Houston Partnership study reveals that in the past year, Houston produced more 120,000 jobs. These jobs were distributed in sectors such as education, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and engineering. Other jobs were created by the service and retail industry. All these jobs have contributed to the new resurgence of Houston real estate developments from the demand created through the improved living standards in the region.

There are two distinct factors fueling widespread developments in Houston from downtown to the suburbs. The people with families are choosing to go to the suburbs while those with less family members are moving downtown. The main reason for the shift to suburbs is that there are proper school areas and enhanced amenities. In addition, these areas are in the woodlands, Memorial and Bellaire. The opposite happens when families do not have school going children. Families tend to move downtown. This has been the reason behind the upgrade of old houses to construct high-rise structures. The family budgets and assessments in terms of costs of living explain the eruption of tall buildings within the city. This is because people no longer need houses with large lawns that they do not utilize. They would rather stay in apartments where they have their own spaces in the balcony than the large lawns that remain unattended.

The other contributing factor is that Houston has some of the best real estate players. These people comprehend the industry, as they have worked in the industry for long. One of the real estate players is Haidar Barbouti. He is the owner of one of Houston’s iconic constructions the Highland Village. He has been in the commercial property sector for over 20 years. Barbouti has been active in the sector through a number of entities including office buildings, shopping centers, and land among other investments.

The current extension of the Panama Canal brings more hopes for the future of the sector. This is a $5.3 billion mega project with the completion date expected to be in 2016. This construction will enable exportation of liquefied gas, corn, and cotton among other products in large volumes. Before, large tankers could not navigate well past the locks of the Panama Canal. With the expansion, more traffic is expected from markets in the Midwestern region.

Towards the Improvement of the Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts Revenue

Lake Tahoe’s ski resorts have been experiencing a serious business problem for the past decade. You might think that since this is a ski resort, that problem would involve the lack of snow. You would be wrong. Domestic travel to their resorts has plummeted a whopping 40 percent since 2005. Based on studies done by market researches shows that this decline has cost the Lake Tahoe resorts many millions of dollars. Their ski resort competitors are benefiting by this decline; these millions of dollars are going to them.

This decline showed no signs of stopping. That is what inspired the big recent changes. Since the Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s decline in flights is directly related to this, the Lake Tahoe resorts have decided that the best strategy is to take a strong hand in improving the struggling airport. Andy Wirth, president and chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Resort has tirelessly worked on behalf of the resorts in the area for this improvement. The airport has in turn embraced his aid. He has even been made chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority board. In this role, he has worked with local elected officials to make area legislation more conducive to improving the business climate. These elected officials have in turn captured the vision and have given this vision to the citizenship. They together have chosen to give extra via tax dollars for the benefit of their economy. Together, they are seeking to increase the $2 billion dollars a year the airport already brings the Lake Tahoe area.

The other resorts are putting lots of money into the effort. They are partnering with area casino’s to provide financial incentives for more airlines to come to the Lake Tahoe sector. In addition, the central industry association, Ski Lake Tahoe has also instigated its own efforts to change this downward spiral. Obviously, the airport is also taking great strides in improving itself. Brian Kulpin, the airport’s vice president of marketing and public affairs, has feverishly trying to attract more incoming-outgoing flights to and from the biggest market cities. For instance there are now non-stop daily flights to and from New York, Guadalajara, and Boise.

The Man with a Brilliant Mind

Nowadays, the worldwide market is very unstable and that is one of the consequences of the World economic crisis. Therefore, it is very important to know how to perform in certain situations on the market. If you have some money and do not know how to invest, or you are looking for advice that will definitely help you to multiply your investment, then Highland Capital Management is an excellent solution for all your dilemmas. Experiences that all the employees in Highland Capital Management possess are a guarantee that advice that you get is the best possible solution for you and your investment. Also, Highland Capital has something new to offer to all clients. In this text, I will try to show why you should ask the people in Highland Capital Management for advice.
Why is Highland Capital Management the right choice?
Well, there are many reasons why you should listen to what the employees from HCM have to say. One of those reasons is because this firm is one of the biggest in the world and has lot of experience about financial issues. The firm has three principles which speaks a lot about their way of doing business. These principles are experience, discipline and boldness. The combination of these three principles are just the right recipe for success. In my opinion, these three words in the best possible way describe the people who work in Highland Capital Management. And, when you know that, it can change your perspective about this firm.
The Genius Responsible For Everything.
This firm would not be so successful without a man who is creative, full of knowledge, has great experience, and is, in one word, a genius. That man is Jim Dondero. It is the name well known in business world. Mr. Dondero has done many things, which puts him on top of the list of financial geniuses nowadays. It all started when Mr. James graduated on the University of Virginia. In that time, his fields of expertise were Accounting and Finance. His very rich experience in the credit markets helped him to create a successful firm. That firm is Highland Capital Management where James Dondero is the president and a co-founder. It is important to say that James Dondero had been working for American Express where he gathered a lot of experience. Besides his position at Highland Capital Management, he serves in the Board of Directors for American Banknote, too. Also, Mr. James is a Chairman of CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare and he is in charge of the MGM studios and the Board of Directors for NexBank. As you can see, this man is really a financial genius.
Highland Capital Management has offices in Dallas, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Seoul. This proves that this firm is one of the best in the world for finances. As long as James Dondero is the president of HCM, the results of this firm will be only better.

The Success of Business Women

The movement of women taking charge in business is underway. Today there are well over fifty majorly successful business women in the United States, and all around the world. Women are successfully starting, and running their own companies. In addition, now the amount of women holding CEO positions in companies has greatly increased as compared to twenty years ago. Successful business women are now holding high positions as CEO’s of companies, industries, and are achieving more power than they ever have. Business women all around the world are over- coming challenges, and reaching their goals proving women can be just as successful (if not more) than men in the business world.
Many women have worked very hard in establishing leadership skills that have helped them to achieve their goals in business. Women are now beginning to pave the way for future generations of women, and break down the gender barriers. Women in business are constantly degraded by people who stress that men are better in business than women. It is a wonder that women have persevered, and achieved success in a male dominated job industry. Women who have been successful in business have done what they want, achieved their goals, and most importantly have never given up no matter how many people have doubted them and their abilities.
One of these inspiring women is Susan P. McGalla. Susan McGalla on is an American business women from Pennsylvania. She is well known for holding seats on the Magee- Womens Hospital and Foundation Board, and the HFF Inc. Board. Throughout Susan McGalla’s career she has become one of the top fifty successful business women in the world, and has inspired women all around the world to do the same. She began her journey into the world of business when she attended Mount Union College. After college she started out by simply working jobs in marketing and management at Joseph Horne Company, and working at American Eagle Outfitters. Despite her beginning working simple jobs, McGalla quickly worked her way into the CMO and President of American Eagle Outfitters. After she left American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla began working as a private consultant, and soon took a position as the CEO of West Seal Inc.. She soon became the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is truly an inspiring woman that has shown in her career that any woman can start from the bottom, and can make something of themselves and become successful in the business world. Susan has shown that women can become very successful in the business world, and has inspired women all around the world to do so.

Youngest-Ever Ubben Lecturer the Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park, Coming to DePauw October 5

Yeonmi Park was only 14 years old when she and her mother escaped North Korea via China, over a frozen lake, with the help of human traffickers. Hers is a story of struggle to survive and escape an oppressive government. During her struggle to freedom, she watched her father die in pain from cancer, not only were they unable to seek treatment for him, but they could not even get painkillers. After his death, they could not even have a proper funeral for him, having to burn his remains by a mountainside. She watched her mother raped. She had presumed that her older sister died during the escape, but luckily, she was reunited with her recently.

Ms. Park is active on Twitter, and lives in Seoul, South Korea where she attends the Dongguk University where she is studying criminal justice. She is also working with the LiNK organization to help end human rights violations in North Korea. She has spoken in several human rights forums such as One Young World summit in Dublin, TEDx in Bath, and the Oslo Freedom Forum. Yeonmi Park has also written a book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, due to be published in September.

This courageous young woman will be speaking on October 5 at 7:30 pm in DePauw University in the Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture Series. She will be the youngest speaker in history of the series. Many world leaders such as Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Margaret Thatcher have previously given lecture for the Timothy and Sharon Ubblen Series.

After first reading her story on the Ubben Lecture Series page on the DePauw University website I had to learn more about this brave young woman. Her story is especially touching to me since I left my home country of Russian when I was ten.

Highland Capital Management Shares Innovative Leadership Tips

Highland Capital Management has risen to great heights in the industry and the company has made a name for itself. It is said that a company is made by great leaders and this is the secret behind the success of Highland Capital Management. The President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management has, over the years, transformed the company into a benchmark for innovative leadership in the industry. James Dondero is immensely experienced and knowledgeable in not just the industry rules and standards but also in leadership.

Here are some innovative leadership tips that can be gleaned from the success of Highland Capital Management –

Leaders Need The Support Of Employees To Grow – A lot of leaders focus on the well being and satisfaction of their employees. In the process, they forget that as leaders, they need as much support and encouragement. Leaders can burn out by overworking themselves but when they are surrounded by employees who care, the entire company can feel the benefits of it. Highland Capital Management has created a symbiotic relationship between its leaders and employees so that everyone is growing and learning.

Employees Trust Leaders Due To Open Communication – Leaders should be open with their employees if they wish to get the same in return. A leader who preaches openness in communication without following it themselves would not be able to command the respect of the employees. Highland Capital Management, for instance, has leaders who only preach what they themselves can follow. When communication is open and straightforward, all ambiguity is removed and both the leader and the employees are on the same plane.

It Is A Leader’s Job To Use Constructive Criticism Effectively – The relationship between a leader and an employee is similar to that of a teacher and a student. The employees look up to their leaders for not just support but direction. Thus, when the employees are doing something wrong, it is the leader’s job to point it out. Simply offering constructive criticism isn’t enough either. The leader has to make sure that the employee understands their mistake and does not repeat it in the future. At the same time, the leader should trust the employee enough to sort it out themselves when needed.

A Leader Isn’t Afraid To Grow and Learn – A leader is still a human being and needs to grow and learn in order to be better at the job. Leaders who are afraid of failing will never grow. The company and the employees under them would bear the brunt of it. This is why at Highland Capital Management, leaders are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and be unafraid of failing.

With the tips mentioned above, organizations and leaders can grow on to become as successful as Highland Capital Management.

Plymouth Rock Encourages Residents To Prepare For Hurricanes


It shouldn’t be surprising that many people are reluctant to leave their homes in the wake of an impending hurricane. That’s exactly what was revealed in a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance. According to the report, only 47% of those polled said they would leave in the event of a hurricane — and 42% said leaving would depend upon the severity of the storm.

What many people don’t seem to understand is — Hurricanes pose a great risk to both life and property. Many individuals don’t often take evacuation orders seriously. By the time the hurricane is bearing down, the severity of the situation is revealed — but it’s far too late to evacuate by then. “While we are proud of New Jersey resident, we must not forget the lessons of the past,” according to Gerry Wilson, President of Plymouth Rock Management Company.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, some respondent’s answers were even more shocking. Only half of the residents polled said they would change how they prepared. And of those 50%, only 28% said they were extremely prepared in the event of a hurricane striking now.

Plymouth Rock Assurance stresses the importance of creating family emergency plans. Being proactive can be the difference between life and death. Wilson went on to say that people should move their cars to a safer location. This way accident and flood damage can be avoided. Plymouth Rock Assurance offers customers valuable emergency tips: stock emergency kits; gather important documents; review insurance coverage; establish a plan and stay informed.

Plymouth Rock and its executive founder James Stone has offered many thanks to all the citizens and first responders who contributed during everyone’s time of need. They also encourage citizens to share their experiences during Hurricane Sandy so that it may inspire others to prepare themselves in the wake of the next hurricane.

This article was published in the Boston Globe.