WEN Cleansing Conditioner-A Product That Will Wow You!

If you are not entirely sold on WEN Cleansing Conditioner yet, then read on to see for yourself just how well it works. Emily McClure tried WEN Cleansing Conditioner for a week (here’s the original Bustle article), and here’s what she found out: On day one, Emily already could tell this was no ordinary product. Even in the shower, she noticed that her hair felt much thicker and she also noticed that she lost fewer strands of hair. She used a lot of product, but her hair didn’t feel weighed down at all. After blow drying and styling as usual, her hair was a lot more bouncy and shiny. On day two, Emily felt like her roots were more greasy, but after showering, her hair was once again shiny and voluminous. Day three brought roots that were slightly less greasy and she showered, blow dried, and styled her hair with her “normal” products. Her hair felt a bit flat throughout the day, but it still looked very shiny and healthy. Day four was not a great hair day because Emily didn’t have the time to shower, but day five was a great hair day. Her locks were soft. After showering on day six, her hair was lovely and even her friends noticed how shiny her hair looked. Day seven was also a great hair day after showering and styling as usual. Overall, WEN cleansing Conditioner is a great product.

Chaz Dean is very humble, despite all of his success, and he takes his hair seriously. He is always working on developing new and quality hair care products and is making it possible for anyone to have great hair. He has a salon in Hollywood and a client list that includes celebrities. He also styles hair for fashion and award shows. More product information available on the Wen Twitter page.

To order Wen, simply visit the Wen.com website or the official Chaz Dean store, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx.


Taking out a Stock Secured Loan from Equities First

One of the more significant impacts of the credit crunch during the mid-2000s was the significant reduction in the availability of unsecured consumer loans. While consumers used to be able to get personal loans without providing collateral, these loans now have much tighter requirements. Those that do qualify for a personal loan will then be charged with high rates and fees.

For those that are looking for a personal loan, but do not want to pay high expenses, a good option would be to take out a loan from Equities First. Equities First is a specialty finance firm, which specializes in providing consumer loans that are secured by a borrower’s stock portfolio. In the event that the loan owed to Equities First goes into default, the lender will have the ability to liquidate the stock portfolio to pay off the loan balance.Taking out a stock secured loan can be a good option because it normally comes with lower rates and fees. Since the lender has a very liquid form of collateral, they do not have to charge high expenses to compensate for risk. Stock-secured loans are ideal for consumers in a variety of situations.

One situation in which a consumer should consider a stock-secured loan is when they need access to capital, but do not want to sell for tax planning purposes. Depending on how long you’ve owned the stock, you could be charged with a hefty capital gains tax by selling. By taking out a loan and holding the stock for longer, you could save a considerable amount on your tax bill.Investors who also see a future increase in the stock value, or expect to receive dividends, should consider holding the stock and taking out a loan. The appreciation in value and dividend income could easily offset the interest expense that comes with the stock loan.

Goettl gets the job done

Goettl Air Conditioning takes pride in being an innovative leader in the industry. Since 1939, their technicians have provided experienced, professional service to their customers across the southwest.

Whether you need a new central air unit, furnace, heat pump, a ductless system, or an air quality assessment, Goettl technicians will advise and assist you in selecting the best product for your home or business. By working with the top brands in the industry, Goettl technicians know what is best for your specific needs.

Maintenance plans are also available for homeowners and business owners. For a small monthly fee, your system is routinely checked to ensure that it is operating efficiently to catch problems early before they become expensive repairs.

When it is 100 degrees in the shade and your air conditioning unit goes out, you need the repairs made as soon as possible. Goettl Air Condition does just that by having a staff of technicians that provide prompt, dependable service. After assessing and diagnosing the problem, they will give you three options from which you choose the best one for you. Quotes are complete, and you have a three-day right to cancel. When installation or repairs begin, the Goettl team works quickly to ensure that your home or business is disrupted as little as possible.

For customer convenience, their new website puts everything you need to know about Goettle Air Conditioning at your fingertips. You can locate the nearest service location, schedule an appointment, find out more about the company and its services, or read customer reviews.

Ken Goodrich, owner and CEO, cares out the community and provides a 100% guarantee on work performed. He wants it done quickly, done right, and in a morally and ethical manner. Goettl will get the job done.


Comparative law is a necessary module that new law students and those pursuing law studies at a higher level are required to learn. Globalization has revolutionized the way we transact, the flow of goods, technology, ideas and the movement of people across borders creating the need for lawyers who have a universal understanding of the legal framework.

Comparison of various legal systems regarding application and harmonization enables agents to make holistic arguments and judgments. In cases of diplomacy, parties involved are also required to have a clear understanding of the constitutions of the concerned countries. Most legal systems derive content from historical occurrences and cultural practices. An individual who specializes in comparative law increases his/her chances of survival and widens the scope of operation in a fast developing world.

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A look into the life of a prolific lawyer, Sujit Choudhry is encouraging to those who wish to venture in this field. His academic credentials prove determination towards success in this area. He studied Bachelor of Science at McGill University from 1988 to 1992 after which he went to the University of Oxford and majored in Bachelor of Arts in Law.  Sujit Choudhry   also studied Bachelor of Laws at the University of Toronto and graduated in the year 1996.He later obtained a Masters of Laws at the Harvard Law School in 1988.

From en.wikipedia.org , he served for close to twenty years at the University of Toronto, where he realized growth, four years at New York University and three years at the University of California. In 2012, he founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions where he worked as a faculty director for five years.

Currently, he is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law and is co-leading three global collaborative research projects .He has also published over 90 articles, book chapters, working papers, and reports. Sujit has contributed to matters involving the use of comparative constitution as a tool in ensuring a peaceful transition of leadership, constitutional reign in ethnically divided societies and formation of the bill of rights constitutionally as shown in the University of California’s website.

Choudhry is a force to reckon with in international law. His accomplishments in this field prove that comparative law has a bright future. In a world where technological advancement is a daily occurrence, prerequisite need for lawyers with a clear understanding of international relations while doing business will be a must.

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OSI Group: Food Solutions At It’s Finest

Food, food, and more food. Food is everyone’s favorite pastime in a sense. In order to live, you must eat and about 99% of the world’s population most likely won’t object. Grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and other retailors are full of food, but did you know that the majority of them receive their food solutions from food suppliers? Though there are many different brands of foods on the shelves of these stores, many of the brands also come from the same food supplier as well. With just a few twists and tweaks, a company/brand can create it’s own personal taste and this is where OSI Group comes into the picture.

Read more: OSI Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant on South Side for $7.4M

OSI Group is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to food supplying. The company is headquartered out of Aurora, Illinois and it has well over 20,000 employees that span across 17 countries. This sheer size has made OSI Group into one of the largest privately held companies in the nation, stated by Forbes. Once just a small family meat market, this German immigrant company has transformed into one of the very best meat processors in the world. Many of today’s top retailors receive their food products from OSI such as KFC, Papa John’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. Types of foods? Well, OSI Group covers the entire gambit with food solutions such as baked goods, cookies, fruits, vegetables, dough products, pork products, poultry, fish, and numerous others.

In August of 2016, OSI Group announced that it had acquired Dutch company BAHO Foods. This acquisition gives OSI even more food products, but much more untapped potential in European markets. With the added 18 countries of service, OSI Group’s reach is expanding more and more.

Reasons For Being in Business

There are many ways to be involved in the business world. Some people enter this industry to earn money, while others join in to make a difference. Eric Lefkofsky is one of those people who was able to do both.


Eric Lefkofsky is a Michigan native. He was born to a school teacher and a structural engineer. He went to college at the University of Michigan. He then attended the University of Michigan Law School.


After Eric finished with law school, he and his business partner made their first venture into the business world. The pair purchased an apparel store. A few years after this purchase, the pair ventured into the global market. They created an online company that sold promotional items.


The next two businesses Eric Lefkofsky was involved in were both global companies. One was a marketing firm, and the other was a logistics firm. Eric is no longer involved with either company, but both are still in business today and thriving.


In 2007, according to forbes.com, Eric Lefkofsky was an investor and a co-founder of a company called ThePoint.com. A year later, the name of the company was changed to Groupon. This company has become a household name and has seen exponential growth. Groupon even earned the title of being the fastest growing company in history. Eric served as CEO for a few years but has since stepped down. He is still a member of the board.


In 2016, Tempus was created. Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and the CEO. Tempus.com is a technology company that has created an operating system that can help in the fight against cancer. The system analyzes blood and tissue samples from cancer patients to look for gene mutations. The results of these analyzed samples are sent back to doctors, and they are able to create treatment plans personalized for each patient.


All throughout his adult life, Eric has been involved in many businesses. Each one served its purpose and with his current company, Eric is hoping to make an impact on how cancer is treated and hopefully find a cure.

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Betsy Devos: An Advocate for the American Parent

The new United States Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, has received a large amount of praise for being an advocate for American parents during her decades of service in the public education sector. With her new role as the Secretary of Education, Devos is expected to help alleviate the problems within the American public school system that have been caused by union representatives and lobbyist and further empower American parents to make decisions regarding the education of their own children. A majority of Americans who elected a republican president and senate during the most recent election are elated to witness the appointment of a United States Secretary of Education who intends to place parents in charge of their children’s education.

Throughout Betsy Devos’ lengthy career as a champion for school choice and educational options for low-income students and families, she has maintained core values that American families hold dear. During Devos’ Michigan campaign for school choice in the late 1990s, Mrs. Devos successfully implemented several significant legislative measures to ease the burden upon low-income families to participate in successful public school programs. Thousands of families in Michigan are thankful for Betsy Devos’ many contributions to the school voucher and school choice campaign and credit the current United States Secretary of Education with the provision of an educational advantage to students who are often neglected by mainstream advocates of public education.

Although several so-called public school advocates frequently present public school reform as the only solution for the massive amount of failing public school programs that exist in the United States, these individuals fail to understand the true nature of the problem. For many liberal public school advocates, all problems are solved by creating more government initiates, expanding the scope of the federal government and its involvement in the public education system, and attempting to force their opponents to fund their repeated failed attempts. Betsy Devos, and those who have fought along side her for school choice, understand that true reform will only come when parents are aloud to make sound educational choices for their own children. Devos advocates common sense practices with regard to public education.

For the millions of American families who are stuck in failing public school districts who have been promised by every presidential contender that public school reform would improve the lives of their children, Betsy Devos’ leadership in the United States government is a beacon of hope. Betsy Devos offers parents the chance to choose where their children are educated and to even gain funding for their children to have access to educational programs which were previously only available to the children of wealthy families. Devos has successfully overcome the adversity and opposition to school choice and is still fighting for American parents.

Read more: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/01/dick_and_betsy_devos_lift_the.html

The Lung Institute Is Changing Its Treatment Plans

The Rise Of Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is one of the hottest breakthroughs of modern medicine. The NFL, for example, uses stem cells to treat players after injuries on the field. Even as it is implemented there are already efforts to create new uses for stem cells and change the way we think of medicine. Recently, the Lung Institute announced the arrival of a new line of stem cell based treatments for its patients suffering from chronic lung disease.

What This Means For Lung Disease

The Lung Institute’s innovation means there are now huge breakthroughs in how we can treat lung disease. In the past most treatments for lung disease were invasive and actually lowered the quality of life for patients. A patient suffering from COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, would require oxygen tanks at all times in order to live. Now, they only need stem cell injections in order to function. The stem cells act as a way for the body to heal itself and repair any damage done to the lungs. The procedure to inject these stem cells is profoundly less complicated than conventional methods. A more detailed information can be found on lunginstitute.com.

The Stories From Patients

The stories from the patients of the Lung Institute reveal the impact this is having on the lives of the people afflicted with these terrible diseases. Take the Lung Institute’s story of pulmonary fibrosis patient John O. For years John had suffered from his condition by himself. He had difficulties doing simple things like climbing up stars and picking up boxes. Thanks to the stem cell therapy he has received John is now able to run and perform tasks he never thought he would do. That is the exact surprise patients receive after stem cell therapy.

About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute was founded with the goal of providing better care to patients suffering from chronic lung disease. The most important impact they have had is through the use of stem cells. This technology was once reserved for only the most expensive procedures, but it is now available for anyone who wants it. Log on to  https://lunginstitute.com/ and check out our Facebook page today!


Talk Fusion Changes The Face Of The Corporate World

When people think about the corporate world, the image that usually comes to mind is that of suits that are more concerned about the bottom line than they are about the people. Often times, the corporate world is seen to stifle even creativity. One of the common stories is that of a company or a concept that starts out really good but then is reduced to a mere shadow of what it used to be because of corporate involvement. However, there are corporations that are operating with the intention of changing the corporate stigma. One company and business owner is showing that his business is more geared towards serving customers and helping people. This company is called Talk Fusion. The owner of this business is Bob Reina.


Talk Fusion has been established with the purpose of helping others. One of the ways they intend to do this is by growing businesses and creating opportunities throughout many different countries. They also take the time to encourage people to pursue anything that gives them their passion. If they are able to move forward towards their goals, then they will be more fulfilled in the lives they are trying to pursue. Among the things they will be encouraged is to find their underlying purposes.


Talk Fusion is also willing to make donations to charities. They have gotten involved in many nonprofit efforts that are geared towards many different purposes. One of the best things that one could hope for is to be able to live a life that they have control over. One of the underlying dreams for most people is to be able to live life on their own terms without having to answer to anyone. This is a far cry from the corporate world that only thought about making enough profits to build more locations.

Timothy Armour Investment Acumen and Valuable Insight

The year 2017 is going to be an interesting for the investors as well as the global economy this is according to Timothy Armour. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the leading active manager fund firm known as Capital Group. Armour has a keen eye for investment and his experience allows him to offer insight into the future performance of the economy. Armour points out that there are several factors that investor should be looking out for this year, for instance, interest rates because the feds increased interest rates for the second time this year, he says that the most important issue is the corporate earnings, he says that corporate earning is going to affect the extent of the economic growth both in the U.S as well as globally.

Armour being leading the most successful financial firm Capital Group a firm that manages over $1.4 trillion of the investor’s funds, his opinion and ideas are taken in high regards. Apart from leading Capital Group Armour is also known for his enthusiasm and hard work that has characterized his leadership, this also contributed toward his rise as the most senior executive of the Capital Group.

Timothy Armour started his career off after graduating from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, the college is located in Vermont. He joined Capital Group as a participant of the associate program at the Capital Group. His over 34 years’ experience has all been with the Capital Group. He has dedicated all these years at Capital Group to become the firms’ Chairman in 2015, he has been termed a veteran of Capital Group.

Timothy Armour officially became the Chairman of the Capital Group on July 28, 2015. He was promoted by the firm’s Board of Directors who followed the succession plan that had been laid down by the company and being followed over several years. He is the successor of James Rothenberg who died of heart attack while on vacation. Armour took over the position of the Capital Group Chairmanship while mourning the loss of his friend and colleague.

Armour has been enthusiastic in matters relating to investment and he has shown his willingness to share a piece of wisdom as well as direct others to the path of success. In an article that he wrote for the Wall Street Journal in early 2016, Armour advises investors to look for active managers for their investments. He says that investor should look for active managers who look for opportunities in many places so that they can earn above average return for their funds as well as those of their investors.