Investing In Gold May Give One A Good Future

There are many different things that one may decide to invest in, and one of the best things that anyone can decide to put their money toward is gold. Investing in gold is a smart decision to make because of how long lasting gold is. It is a valuable item that isn’t going to one day stop being that way. People have confidence in gold and all that it can do for them. They get excited when they invest in gold because they feel that they will one day be able to earn some good money back from their investments.
The US Money Reserve helps people to find the right gold to invest in, so that they can be even more confident in making their investments. The US Money Reserve works with those who are investing to help them to find the kind of gold that they are looking for, and to help them to feel confident about their decision to invest in it. The US Money Reserve knows much about gold and why it should be invested in, and those who are wanting to get started making investments should look to it for advice and help when they need it.
Even though there are many things that one could decide to invest in, gold attracts people because of how different and special it truly is. People know that they are making a great choice for themselves and their future when they decide to invest in gold. They know that they are doing something that will make a lasting impact on their life, and that makes them feel very happy about what they are doing. That makes them want to invest more of their money and become even braver in all of the things that they are doing in regard to investing.

A Better Life for Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park authored “In Order to Live” in order to reveal to the world the experience of living in North Korea. The tale begins in 1990, which is when the North Korean economy sharply declined after the Soviet broke apart and could no longer offer the import of goods at a favorable rate. She vividly recounts the devastation that was a part of her every day life. This included seeing people die on the streets as they succumbed to starvation and disease ravaging their country. She ultimately leaves the dictator ruled land, and is able to tell others around the world her story of escape and survival.

Park grew up under the oppression of a totalitarian government that pressured her and her family to report on other citizens who dared speak unfavorably. Resources were kept from families, and death was a high probability. Yeonmi saw this devastation every day as dead bodies were everywhere in the streets of North Korea. She explains in her book how she witnessed death in the streets and experienced starvation due to the terror of the government. As she and her family starved, they were forced to eat bugs and flowers to get by.

Her journey to flee from this life of fear and hunger began when her father was caught and subsequently arrested for smuggling. After this ordeal, when Park was 13, her mother asked a man to smuggle her and her daughter to China. She left one horror only to enter into another. Ms Park explains on that once in China, the smuggler raped her mother. The mother and daughter were kept there for two years until the captor let them go. They went on from China to South Korea, thus starting her new life away from what she considers living a “nightmare.”

Park’s life is completely different to the one she lived while in North Korea. At 21, Park currently lives in New York. Now that she has left the terrifying portion of her journey behind her, she has become one of few people who escape. Her life has changed as she can now tell her story and travel the world, leaving the dark experience of North Korea behind her. Her mission is to create awareness of the living conditions of the people who live in North Korea. Some of her speaking engagements have been recorded and can be viewed on YouTube. She has also been featured in news publications such as The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

This article is based on the original release featured on The Independent.

Joseph Bismark Is An Inspiration In Every Way Possible

It is an exciting time for the QI Group, as a tennis superstar has recently decided to team up with them and be a brand ambassador for the company. Martina Hingis is known around the world, and she is excited to get to start working with a company that is known around the world, as well. It was posted in an article on BusinessWire that Martina Hingis will wear the brand’s clothing when she competes, so that she can easily get the word out about it and all that it is doing.
Joseph Bismark had a lot of smarts and ambition when he started up the QI Group, but he had no idea back then that it would grow as large as it has. All that he knew was that he wanted it to be different from every other company out there, and that he wanted to make spirituality a big part of it. So, he did just that, and now he has been able to see it grow and grow because of that. He is a smart businessman who many people have come to respect because of how talented he is. He was able to get the company up and running well, and many people have benefited from that.
The employees that Joseph Bismark has working for his company enjoy working there because of how fairly they are treated. They realize that the work environment is great because Joseph Bismark made it that way by adding spirituality to it, and they are grateful to him for doing that. There are very many reasons why one may think that Joseph Bismark is someone to be looked up to, and another reason beyond his business smarts is the healthy lifestyle that he has. He is always making sure to take his exercises seriously and to eat healthy. He knows that he has to take care of himself if he wants to live a long life and accomplish all of the things that he wants to, and so he does everything that he can to make sure that that is true. He is truly an inspiration in every way.

Investment Advice: The Best Financial Paths for Wealth Creation

There are various strengths to go to when seeking ways to grow one’s wealth. Madison Street Capital, an international investment banking firm, focuses completely on the leadership, teamwork, analytical prowess, integrity and superior vision. The client will receive the best results upon receiving the financial advice for mergers and acquisitions, financial options, and business valuation services for privately and publicly held enterprises. Clients will be in the best position to anticipate successful enrichment of their accounts from the global marketplace. As the team at Madison Street Capital works on each project, they take ownership of the client’s long range goals.

Clients will find that their goals and aspirations in the realm of finance will be taken on with complete commitment. The vein of thought and analysis will center about financial advisory and the successful raising of capital within mergers and acquisitions that have gainful transactions and transfers of ownership at key moments. The specialty of the analysts at Madison Street Capital lies in the emerging markets on the global stage of commerce. Clients will share fruitfully in the lucrative results of the firm’s dedication to high yields in these transactions with the highest level of integrity and professionalism to go along with the trust earned from them.

During the relationship that the firm provides for its treasured clients, Madison Street Capital sets a great precedent for great financial guidance to major corporations that also seek financial direction. In the area of middle-market investing, the team will successfully transact through highly intricate structures of financial transactions to gain the most desirable outcome. Talent abounds from this team of financial analysts who form a steady force of expertise in the arena of professional financiers. Clients have a range of solid options that arise from their efforts. When it is time to make a decision, the guidance is the best investment advice that a client would hope for throughout all stages of an acquisition. From initial interest, through analysis to closing, the client is lead by the hand to the best possible result.

What makes this process even more impressive to those who are seeking great investment advice, is that despite the uniqueness of each client’s situation, the team of investment advisers at Madison Street Capital take painstaking amounts of time to break down the elements of a project to its most basic parts. In this way a full understanding can be reached for each client’s benefit and to insure the best union between the buyers and sellers of a transaction for full capitalization of the client’s potential to earn.

Yeonmi Park: A Book Of Survival

As a child, my family always called me a bookworm. While the other children were out playing hide-and-seek and other fun games, I was on the porch swing or sitting out in the grass reading one of my favorite novels. Of course, I did have a lot of toys and games in my room; however, my favorite things were my books that filled the shelves. When my siblings were asking for toys for Christmas, I always had a book in mind.

I had a lot of friends in school and had a good report card every quarter. Math was probably my worst subject. I excelled in English, Literature, Social Studies, and Science, because a lot of reading was involved. Our English teacher was a gifted lady who brought the works of Shakespeare alive for our class. She introduced famous authors and poets as if they were old friends. It was truly inspirational to find someone who loved to read as much as I did.

My first job was a part-time clerk at our local library. As a senior in high school, I went to school half a day and got work in the afternoon. For me, the library was like a candy shop is for a little child. I was surrounded by hundreds of volumes on innumerable subjects. Even though I could not read on the job, I always had a book to read at break time and a big stack of them to take home in the evening.

After I finished high school, I attended college and got a Master of Library Science degree. I have been head of the reference department for ten years now and enjoy books just as much as when I was a child. I enjoy the smiles on patrons’ faces when I show them new titles by some of their favorite authors. The knowledge that I have gleaned from reading is invaluable.

Recently, I ordered a newly published book by Yeonmi Park. I enjoy reading autobiographies and thought that it would be a good read. The story this young woman wrote broke my heart and opened my eyes to the prevalence and obscene cruelty of human trafficking. It was unimaginable that someone could survive such a horrific ordeal and write about it.

Park and her family lived in one of the most oppressive countries in the world, North Korea. Her father had been sent to prison for allegedly making underground deals with the Chinese. In order to save themselves from starvation and possible death, Park and her family trust a shady group of Chinese human smugglers to get them out of North Korea. During their three year ordeal, they Park family was terribly abused. Their father had colon cancer and died in the lonely Mongolian hills. With an instinct to survive, Park and her mother finally made it to the sanctuary of the South Korean embassy.

Now at the age of twenty-two, Yeonme Park is a world lecturer for human rights and an advocate for victims of human trafficking. She speaks works of encouragement and determination as a leading voice for international involvement. I have read a lot of books over the years and consider Park’s book to be one of the best examples of compassion and survival.

Joseph Bismark Leads The QI Group To Join A United Nations Initiative

Joseph Bismark has played an important part in the development of the QI Group in achieving environmental sustainability for the company and a greater level of transparency. Since taking up the role of Managing Director of the QI Group in 2008, Bismark has overseen the development of a paperless filing system in the company and the installation of a solar array at a QI owned resort. The latest development Joseph Bismark is proud to be a part of is the QI Group joining the United Nations Global Compact Network, which sees the Malaysian company agree to operate under ten specific principles regarding human rights, labor rights, environmental practices and anti-corruption based programs.

Joseph Bismark sees a major part of his role with the QI Group to include the need for the company to be spiritually balanced, which means the QI group, including QNet proves itself both a financial and philanthropic success. Throughout his life Joseph Bismark has looked to live in a way that saw personal success accompanied by various forms of spiritual growth. Now living in Singapore, Bismark began a spiritual journey at the age of nine by joining a group of monks and turning his back on the comfortable life his family lived. In his later life the Managing Director of the QI Group has looked to develop a strong spiritual side by learning the skills of a yoga instructor and continuing to learn new skills in yoga, meditation and martial arts.

Discussing the signing of the UNGC pledge with Yahoo Finance, Joseph Bismark described the QI group joining the United Nations based initiative as an honor and a privilege. By joining the initiative the multi level marketing company has been embarking on a major step in joining a respected group of international businesses enjoying the chance to work with groups sharing their principles. The UNGC Network allows the QI Group to align itself with a number of government agencies, UN based programs and international business groups that will develop links and partnerships over the coming years. Not only will the link between the QI Group and the UNGC develop a series of practices in environmental and human rights areas, but will also see the company increase its transparency over business and environmental practices.

Brad Reifler the Man With a Plan

Brad Reifler is the visionary developer and founder of Forefront Capital. Not only is he the founder but he is also the CEO. Forefront Capital offers those who prefer to trade their individual investments like that of an institution the chance to do just that. By providing a unique trading aspect to a person’s Capital resource infrastructure. When it comes to the know-how of foreign exchange trading strategies, this is something that is learned best in the field.

Rolling Up His Cotton Sleeves and Putting In His Work
Field work would be what Brad is all about. He was the founder of capital management back in 1992 where they specialized in many aspects regarding foreign exchange and foreign exchange trading. From 1995 to the year 2000 Brad headed up Refco Inc’s Institutional Desk Division. Everything from foreign exchange, personalized and unique investment opportunities for high net worth and institutional clients from around the globe, as well as the execution of global derivatives. Brad Reifler has gained his experience in the field that has developed a track record of success.

Learning By Doing
This record of success has led him to be successful at his own company today. Twitter tells that sky blue farm is just one of the many investments that Brad has acquired. This stunning 144 + acre property in Millbrook New York is astonishing. With everything from a motocross track to an ice skating rink indoors and out that lights up with music and all this property has everything. Red created this property so that his friends and family would have a unique place to escape from the city and enjoy some of life’s simpler, finer things.

The Fruits of hard Work
Before purchasing this property, Brad had never used a firearm in his life. After building the firing range on the property, Brad shot his first gun. This amazing home in Millbrook New York is listed at a price of 23 million dollars. The three-story main house boasts an immaculate 13100 square feet of space. Featuring 15 rooms and six fireplaces, there is definitely a spot to stay warm. If you were on Brad’s good side, perhaps you’ll invite you to the property where you can take in the astonishing luxuries and amenities that Sky Blue Farm has to offer

A Handy Problem to Have

Nobody likes to clean, so when people find themselves in the correct place financially, they often go the route of hiring a cleaner. However, for most people, this will not be a pleasant experience initially. There is a lot of education in hiring someone in to your personal space to have them clean. Most experienced cleaners understand the circumstances in which they work, so it is the person that is doing the hiring that must meter their expectations, and in some cases, pre-clean or de-clutter before hiring a cleaner. It is necessary to understand that you are not hiring a miracle worker. Additionally, if it is too profuse for you to clean, a normal house cleaner probably will not clean it either.

There are services on that help homeowners de-clutter and organize homes that range from someone simply wanting to be organized to the homes of hoarders. These are the appropriate people for serious de-cluttering and organizing. Additionally, there are companies that clean stains from carpets and upholstery to drapery and duct work. These are the appropriate companies for shampooing a carpet or removing stains professionally. A cleaner will vacuum the floor and often does not move furniture to do so. This seems menial, but there are multiple liability issues with moving a person’s furniture, so they may not move furniture as matter of policy and not because they do not like you. This says nothing of the injury risk involved because the cleaners are not often large burly men or professional movers.

As a contractor that also performed moving jobs, a common tactic of nefarious clients is to get movers to move an already damaged piece and blame it on the movers so that their furniture can be replaced for free or so that their moving job would be greatly discounted. These are the types of actions that a simple cleaner and many other companies that work in your home learns to avoid really early on. Permanent cleaners and staff of estates never allow things to get that far out of hand, so there are never in-depth cleaning that is necessary. This is the state in which you can expect your cleaner to clean. If your needs are more, the solution is to hire a cleaner more frequently.

Another solution is to utilize a digital app called Handy. This app facilitates the home cleaner hiring process greatly. I can hire a cleaner with much experience. It costs more, but these cleaners are the most efficient, so it is worth it in many different occasions. I find that if I alert them of the issues that they may not normally handle, they will oblige me. It is a matter of respect. Still, I do not leave them anything sinisterly dirty to do, but sometimes the cleaning projects can be extensive before and after I entertain. My cleaner knows this, so I tip well and give him extra beneficial ratings. These people are self-employed contractors, so as business people, we understand each other well and that is handy.

Why Susan McGalla Believes That Every Woman Can Succeed

Every woman has all the needed qualities and attributes to make a good leader. It only takes self-confidence and determination to take the bull by its horns, believes Susan McGalla. However, there is a flood of advice coming from every corner for women who want to advance in their careers and in their contribution in societal matters. Susan is such a woman and is an expert in consulting companies on matters related to branding, operational inefficiencies and marketing. She publicly speaks about her staunch stand about women empowerment in many audiences.

In her line of work, she comes across women who are always seeking true perspectives that have authentic solutions. Women do not also fancy the idea of them being referred to as women at the workplace; they like being referred to as professionals who are a better match to their male counterparts. Susan McGalla is of the firm belief that a very strong revolution that is also encouraging to many women has already occurred.

She highly attributes her strong character to the background she grew in. She grew up in a household that had two older brothers and a football coach father who was very instrumental in encouraging her to be bold and confident in presenting her ideas regardless of the size and nature of audience. Her parents also encouraged her a great deal to work hard and consider herself equal to her male counterparts if not better. This encouragement installed in her a very strong sense of self-belief that has played a very predominant role in her career success.

She went to the Mount Union College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing. She has worked in different managerial and marketing positions for Joseph Horne Company before becoming part of the marketing team at American Eagle Outfitters where she has worked in different positions before becoming the Chief Merchandising Officer and President. During her reign, she saw to it that the company launched seventy-seven different kids brands.

In 2009, she bid farewell to the company and became a private consultant for companies in matters related to financial investment and retail. In 2009, she got appointed to the HFF Board of Directors. She is also involved on issues that are related to the society. She is the Strategic Planning and Growth Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Through out her career, she has taken the reins of her career and is well known for consulting people when they need her input.

She has succeeded in areas that were predominantly male and where women were not allowed in executive positions or on the board. She is the kind of woman that all women should emulate so as to believe in themselves even more. All it takes for anyone to succeed regardless of the gender or race is just self-confidence and being realistic. That being observed, even the hindrances that are part of the journey will not prove difficult at all. The world we are currently living in needs people who are confident of themselves and who do not shy away from expressing themselves.

Famous Financial Executive

Born October 15, 1968 in the “Spring Break Capital of the World” Daytona Beach, Florida. Ken Griffin as founder and executive of Citadel-Global Investment firm is a highly innovative thinker. Educated at Harvard and listed among the 100 most influential people in the world his career started with the responsibility of caring for the money of others. Controlling one of the largest alternative investment companies in the world, he stands in the forefront of financial influence.

Kenneth Griffin began investing in his early college years. By the time he graduated, he was far more than a graduating senior. Ken Griffin was caretaker for over a million dollars. His early investment career was innovative. Setting up ticker tape access in his dormitory room, relatives realized his gift with finance. He started molding money entrusted by family members into a fortune. Graduating with a degree in economics, Kenneth C. griffin was well on his way to a lucrative future.

His skills as a financier netted him in the range of 1.3 billion in 2014, placing him as a billionaire worth almost 7 billion dollars. He is focused and not careless with money. Kenneth Griffin has a Knack for managing money that borders on genius and the world wants to know how. However, he is a secretive investor, taking his job very seriously. He spent time in college investing and developing strategies. This deep thought on investing is expected out of the Citadel Global Investment staff.

As a member of Forbes 400, he is firmly established as a financial “Guru”. Managing one of the most successful hedge funds in the country, Kenneth Griffin is a skilled financier. His Republican views are well established and he donates generously to his preferred candidates. Treating finances with a “no nonsense attitude” he has been able to control his fund even during times of tremendous stress in the investment world.

Living in Chicago has placed him in the center of finance and art. He is an art lover, investing boldly in paintings and is a noted philanthropist. Donating to his Alma Mater for the benefit of students unable to shoulder the cost of Harvard, he is a believer in giving back to the community. His finances have also reached into the community helping to educate students in charter schools in the city of Chicago. He is a promoter of study. His career in investment started as a result of something he read and he gives perhaps, to instill the benefit of learning to others.

Those working for Citadel are considered fortunate but are expected to do well when trading. The hedge fund hires only the best and this reflects in their return on investment. Kenneth Griffin is known to take a hands on approach with employees asking random questions on strategy. He does not sit in his office waiting for results. The financial market is a tricky place, and is in need of innovative, strategic investors, with a knack for obtaining the best out of all associated with them. Kenneth C. Griffin has this ability.