Ricardo Guimarães President Of Brazil’s BMG Bank Thinks Reaching An Agreement On Carbon Emissions Is Not An Easy Task

Countries around the world met in Paris recently to discuss carbon dioxide emissions. Heads of states and presidents of countries that have an interest in reducing CO2 emissions tried to come to some sort of agreement, but according to one of the attendees from Brazil an agreement is easier said than done. BMG Bank president Ricardo Guimarães wants to reach an agreement but there has to be some accountability for each country’s emission rates, and to date it’s hard to determine exactly how much CO2 each country is emitting. The figures that some countries report are far less than the actual emissions, according to Guimarães.

There is a tax in place for CO2 emissions, and that tax is paid grudgingly by some countries. They fudge the figures to pay less and that practice is hurting the attempt to control CO2 pollution. Ricardo Guimarães would like to see stricter guidelines in place as well as reporting system that can’t be manipulated to pay less in taxes.

Ricardo Guimarães knows about taxes and the corruption that goes on in order to pay less. Brazil has been plagued with corrupt politicians that have imposed a tax structure that is too harsh on the middle class. Guimarães believes that the people of Brazil are honest and want to cut CO2 emissions. Brazilians want to keep the beauty that exists in the country intact for future generations, and they will pay an additional tax if the standards set by the members of the conference are violated.

Brazilians has been known to pollute their environment for economic gain, and so has Russia, India, China and the United States, according to Mr. Guimarães. The best way to solve the CO2 emission issue is for those countries to voluntarily impose a penalty if any company does not adhere to the standards set by the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The meeting in Paris helped bring some nations together, but there is more work to do. Ricardo Guimarães is used to hard work. Ricardo is a bank president, but he is also a mining, cattle and coffee entrepreneur. Guimarães has changed the way banks advertise in Brazil through his successful soccer club sponsorships. He wants to help control CO2 emissions in Brazil by promoting a grass roots approach to the issue. BMG Bank uses a grass roots approach to promote their loan division and it works. Once the people support an initiative things begin to change, according to Mr. Guimarães.

Things are changing as far as Co2 emissions are concerned. Carbon dioxide emissions dropped in 2015, but not all countries are helping to reach the goal of 50 percent less CO2 emissions by 2020.

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BMG Bank Heads Into New Investment Areas

The biggest investment bank in South America is Banco BMG, located in Brazil. Marcio Alaor is the innovative CEO who has invented new business for BMG that expanded the bank’s options for investment in for both commercial and private clients. He was able to do this by transitioning this older, very traditional institution into an early adopter of new technologies for finance and creative new smaller investment options. He began these changes with a venture into the area of payroll loans, which some saw as risky in 1998.

Mr. Alaor has happily been vindicated with his decision, with very high ROI that shuts up any naysayers. With his direction the bank has become the de facto standard in the processes of payroll loans. Others in the same investment arena are always compared against BMG.

Another more recent change Marcio Alaor has brought is a BMG partnership with Unibanco S.A. Together they have formed Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A., which is the confluence of the best of both businesses in the area of payroll loans. The combined firm is supplied with 60% support from BMG and 40% from Unibanco S.A. This frees up BMG resources to pursue their more traditional investments: business payroll credit, vehicle loans, and BMG Empresas.

Banco BMG has grown to become a household name in many places, not just Brazil, through Marcio Alaor’s skilled leadership. More importantly, BMG is now the highest-valued bank in all of Brazil. He has successfully maintained the bank’s traditional business while at the same time upgrading to new technologies. He has certainly guided BMG into the 21st century, with the newest computer hardware and software, while keeping it true to its traditional mission.

The wealthy and powerful Guimarães family owns banco BMG. It was founded in 1930 by Antônio Mourão Guimarães. He called it Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. The bank has come a long way in 86 years and been through a lot of history as well as creating a history of great services for all sizes of institutions and for all individuals.

The Chunky Dog Food

Richard Thompson has decided to venture into the business of Dog food and has a new tube that delivers you with Turkey recipe as well as the Chunky Chicken in the manufacturing line of his company. The CEO of that small manufacturing company for dog food is always obsessed about the food quality that he produces in his company. He goes as far as tasting the food with his own tongue to ascertain that they are tasty and delicious for the dogs. That is the reason why he is only using ingredients that are very tasty and also fresh and healthy, he also uses the eschew preservative for preserving the meals and makes them sit on the shelves for no longer period so that they can always have the kind of flavour they are meant to have on manufacturing. Michael Heiger on facebook is the Chief manufacturer of the dog food and always the one that tastes the meals before they are packed to ascertain that they are very tasty. He says that this act an act of thanksgiving. He says that he tackles the dog food. This type of tasting is done when they are being inspected by the fresh pet Inc. That ensures healthy and safe meals are in the market for the dogs. Beneful is the company that is on the forefront in the 23.7 billion of innovators as well as opening the wallets and winning hearts and the dog and cat owners and also the healthy chow that is meant for pets health. You cannot believe you are in the dining room with your pet. This is the level that is next in the generation of feeding pets Beneful by the pet owners. Many companies are now blending salmon and also lamb in the kibble that is good for offering the pet with organic food that will prolong its life for many more years to come. This does not leave behind the traditional pet food makers because they have decided to embark on a mission and competing in making healthy and fresh transitions.

The Content of UN Paris Agreement

After two decades of comprehensive engagements across the world coupled with several debates, the last text was presented on the climate agreement at the COP21 hosted in Paris, France from November 30 2015. The UN Climate Conference acquired the name “Transforming Our World: Sustainable Development agenda for 2030” was regarded as one of the most crucial agreements ever made on climate change. The representatives of 190 countries from all parts of the world were present when the final text was read on December 12 2015, and standing ovation was made for several minutes.
Because the conference was of vital importance, the president of Banco BMG, Ricardo Guimarães reports what took place at COP21 and the meaning of the final agreement. The agreement recognized the fact that climate change poses great threat to the planet and its inhabitants as Ricardo Guimarães highlights. To this effect, there was a need for corporation among all members present with objective of finding effective solutions that would reduce global CO2 emissions. The main item that came out of the Paris Agreement as the report became public was to limit greenhouse gas emissions. As Ricardo Guimarães of BMG reports, the countries pledged to keep the global rise temperature at an ideal rate of 1.5 degrees Celsius.
Another important aspect of the Paris Agreement as explained by Brazilian banker Ricardo Guimarães is that countries should register in a transparent and clear manner all methods they are applying to achieve what was agreed. Meetings are supposed to be held after every five years to see the progress the countries have made to reduce climate change. According to the executive of Banco BMG Ricardo Guimarães, the first meeting is scheduled for 2023. With all relevant information at their disposal, countries are supposed to engage experts who will indicate where to improve in order to cut emissions.
The Paris Agreement is expected to take full effect in 2020, and countries are supposed to review the climate action strategies in 2018. Ricardo Guimarães also noted that the agreement also saw rich countries pledge to contribute $100 billion a year to help most vulnerable nations that will be affected by high temperatures, storms and floods. The amount that was agreed will only be available in 2020 when the agreement becomes effective as Ricardo Guimarães says.
According to Ricardo Guimarães of BMG bank, the agreement didn’t stipulate the exact date to end the use of fossil fuels. In fact, the White House praised the agreement and warned private sector to reconsider the use of fossil fuels because they will be replaced. The executive of Banco BMG informs that United States and China are the biggest emitters of CO2 in the world.

Overcoming Challenges Like Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is, perhaps, one of the fastest rising individuals in the BMG banking system. He has worked from the very bottom of the bank to get to a position that nobody would have ever dreamed possible for him. The story is his own and shows that he has had a great deal of success with the bank.

When Marcio Alaor first started the career that he has with the bank, he was only an entry-level banker. He was offered this position because his mentor, a bank executive, did not want to overwhelm him with too much to do at one time. He was offered this position after his mentor found him in a somewhat unlikely position. He was able to succeed at the entry-level position and move on to bigger and better things in the banking world. The position served only as a starting point from where Marcio’s career would eventually go.

Marcio Alaor was found by an executive of BMG. He was working as a shoe shiner when the executive took notice to the work that he did. He saw that Marcio was very talented not only at shining shoes but at having the dedication that would be necessary for a career at a bank. He wanted Marcio Alaor on the team. The mentor made the decision that was necessary to offer Marcio Alaor a position. He would hire him to the bank but would only give him the type of work that he thought he could handle.

Once Marcio Alaor had proven himself to be one of the best bankers that the bank had seen, he was promoted to new positions. He was promoted very quickly and this was the first time the BMG bank had seen someone who was once a shoe shiner rise toward the top of the bank. Marcio Alaor did it in good spirits and was always sure to keep the people of the bank happy. He wanted them to know that he was on the same side as them and that he came from an even worse background than they did.

Marcio Alaor quickly rose up through the different positions of the bank. He became the vice president of the bank and currently sits in that position. He has been able to get where he is, not through luck or anything else, but through hard work and dedication. The drive that he has is exceptional and something that he has never given up on. Despite the fact that he is the second highest ranking person in the company, he has never given up the drive that he had. Whether wearing the shoe shiner hat or the VP hat, Marcio Alaor is always driven.

Thor Halvorssen and Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors with degrees in political science and history. He first entered the realm of human rights activity in 1989 by leading a London-based opposition to South African apartheid. He maintained a heavy hand in such human rights work through the years. In 1993, human rights became very personal to him after his father, an ambassador, was imprisoned and tortured in a prison in Venezuala. He was only released after a number of human rights organizations took his case and fought for it.

After that, Thor Halvorssen was definitely committed. From 1999 until 2004, he cofounded and served as executive director and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. In 2005, he founded The Human Rights Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization that defends human rights all over the world. It reflects the ideals that came out of the human rights movement. In particular, it operates under the ideological statements in the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. In summary, these ideas are that all humans everywhere are entitled to freedom of will, speech, expression, worship, association, property, travel, from abuses of law, governmental activities, and from slavery and torture.

The HRF fights in defense wherever these freedoms are threatened. A sizeable chunk of the organization is dedicated to the fight itself, whether this be campaigns to free political prisoners, or legal wrangling over various civil rights infringements, or any number of other civil rights battles. However, HRF also provides awareness and education about human rights. To this end, the organization makes a concerted effort to inform and challenge as broad a demographic of people groups as possible. This includes sending teachers into closed societies, providing seminars for corporations, producing educational films, and various miscellaneous educational events throughout the world.

Halvorssen can certainly be proud of his organization. And he is doing a lot more in the name of human rights. He is currently also the founding leader of Oslo Freedom Forum and a patron of On Own Feet: The Centipede Children. His very experienced and educated opinion remains highly sought after by some of the most popular and respected magazines in the world. He also personally produces educational films about freedom and human rights.

Does George Soros Blame Germany or Greece?

Getting Greeks, Frenchmen and Germans to consider themselves “European” first was one of the primary goals for a successful European Union (EU). Since 1992, the Belgium bureaucrats have been emphasizing the importance of unifying and sacrificing for the continent. Unfortunately, George Soros 2008 prediction on Bloomberg of the European Union collapsing may be coming true in 2016.

“Quick Silver Capital”

The European Union planned on increasing freedom for humans and money. The removal of restrictions for moving between member nations would increase tourism. As bureaucratic red tape was reduced, the resulting cost savings would increase European living standards.

In many ways, the focus on freedom for the European Union in 1992 aligned with the development of freedom on the World Wide Web. In 2008, smart phone technology continued to expand the ability to transfer money across the globe in seconds. High-frequency trading (HFT) also created more opportunities to profit in real-time.

“Less Freedom in 2008”

Yet, when faced with the sub-prime mortgage crisis and ensuing Credit Crunch of 2008, European governments started adding more restrictions. Stress tests established new standards for how much cash banks had to keep on hand. Governments feared the migration of poor Europeans from one nation; in fact, an estimated 3 million Greeks wanted to leave.

Initially, Switzerland attempted to back-stop the falling Euro by pegging its stronger Franc thereto. But in 2015, even Switzerland gave up and the separate member countries started to close their borders and exact capital controls. All of this was contrary to the very spirit of the European Union.

“George Soros Reads the Tea Leaves”

Billionaire George Soros has created numerous charities around the world, including scholarships for Black students at the University of Cape Town. Soros understands the political economic philosophy that is the foundation of the European Union: giving up national sovereignty will lead to economic gain.

Unfortunately, all of the good will built up from 1992 to 2008 might have been wiped out from 2008 to 2016. George Soros 2008 prediction may be coming true as the European Union continues to flounder. In 2015, the European struggles reached a boiling point in Greece.

After attempting to repay its debt, Greece finally ran out of money. The citizens continued to pressure their political leaders to resist any more austerity. Suddenly, the Greeks who were asking for bailouts from Germany, started blaming the Germans.

“Soros Blames No One in Particular”

In many ways, George Soros acts like a financial surgeon. He does not discuss the moral implications in many of the actions of the European Union (except for Moral Hazard). Soros simply describes the European Union’s financial distress and does not assign blame to either the Greeks or Germans.

The 2016 Global Investment Landscape, According to George Soros

What will the year 2016 hold for investors? Billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros believes that the status quo of the global markets is reminiscent of the fourth quarter in 2008, which is widely held to have been the point of convergence that precipitated the global financial crisis.

Ever since Soros spoke at a conference in Sri Lanka about the similarities between 2016 and 2008, market analysts have been discussing the potential for another episode of financial doom. George Soros has not specifically predicted that Wall Street will crash at some point this year; that would be akin to a prediction, which is something he does not believe in. What Soros is talking about is how the Chinese economy is intrinsically tied to global markets.

A recent article by George Budwell of The Motley Fool clearly illustrates a principle applied by Soros as he approaches the markets. Soros has been quoted as believing that financial markets are impossible to predict; for this reason, smart investors should always count on various scenarios when they consider taking market positions.

Soros has not discussed his various scenarios, but he has offered his observation on the situation that is unfolding in China, where economic growth will probably be flat or even negative in the next few years. As China’s currency loses value, problems will be felt in various economies around the world. Granted, this is not really the case with the American economy, which is actually enjoying the spoils of recovery and is ready to raise interest rates back to normal levels, but this is actually a divergency when considering other global markets.

Whether returning to higher interest rates is a good move for the United States remains to be seen. Soros told investors in Sri Lanka that growth is still needed in order to completely shake off the global financial crisis. This growth, unfortunately, is not something that China can sustain any longer, which is why Soros is calling on investors to exercise caution in 2016.


Ricardo Guimares is a man on a mission. To make his grandfather’s bank the best there ever was. He has seen the bank grow 17 folds the last 3 years and seems set on that path.

Ricardo Guimares was born in a business family 52 years ago. His father is a mining a tycoon and his grandfather started Banco BMG in 1930.Guimares seems set on continuing that tradition and has grown the family business to its current heights. It is today the market leader in consigned credit department with over 80% market share. It is one of the richest banks in Brazil.


Banco BMG recently joined Banco Itau to create a new Payroll unit called BMG ITAU PAYROLL. It is expected to provide access to cheap personal loans in Brazil at a time when the country is currently struggling with an economic crisis.


The new outfit will be leveraged 11 times and will have an asset base of $1 billion.BMG contributed $ 300 million, and Itau offered $ 700 million. The new bank will leverage the strengths of both banks.BMG bank is expected to earn $ 5 billion in 5 years from the deal.


Ricardo Guimares is a big soccer fan. He follows Clube Atletico Mineiro and was its chairman for 5 years. Ricardo Guimares also recently started a soccer fund. The fund is meant to help soccer players commoditize their brand rights. It already has $ 20 million invested and its growing very fast.


Banco BMG is the largest sponsor of teams in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 teams in all divisions across Brazil. It also has a TV station that helps give the youth exposure to talent scouts.BMG recently announced that it would now sign Marcio Melo.The Tennis star will receive training money and tickets from the Bank.


BMG has an extensive distribution network. It has over 3000 branches and 50000 workers.It has grown thanks to the managerial abilities of Ricardo Guimares.It has dominated the consigned credit department that provides the cheapest form of loans in the market.


Ricardo Guimares Despite coming from a wealthy family is a hard working man.He wakes up early every day and has been known to work out.Guimares advises anyone seeking to enter the Brazilian market to work very hard and be efficient. We wish him all the best.

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The Growth of the Dog Food Industry

Owners now look to their dog being healthy, happy, and focused. With that in mind, the growing dog food industry has created several special niches that are now dedicated to offering a product of nutritious ingredients that are all combined to create the best meal for any dog.

The current dog food industry is a growing 23.7 billion dollar industry that is finding new competitors everyday. One competitor in particular is Richard Thompson who is the owner of a small gourmet manufacturer. This small business like Beneful specializes in giving both the owner and the dog the satisfaction of healthy, fresh, and wholesome ingredients in every product.

Mr. Thompson sells his dog food” with the intent of keeping it fresh which is why the products do not stay on the shelf for very long. That strategy that has been brewing for the past several years is to have the dog eat like the owner does in a healthy manner. Innovative product ideas that fit into the fresh ingredients niche include refrigerated products that can be bought from any popular store such as Target or Wal-Mart. Pet owners even praise these new healthy products for smelling like actual food rather than smelling like odoriferous dog food.

One of the biggest international dog food corporations in the world that has become a company focused on delivering healthy food is Beneful. Beneful, for over a decade, has become known for selling some of the best products to owners with all kinds of breeds. What makes Beneful a successful company is the fact that the company specializes in three main products to keep it simple.

These special products are Beneful dry food, wet food, as well as tasty textured-variety treats. One of the crowd favorites of Beneful is the wet food because of the tasty proteins and fresh ingredients that are combined to create 20 varieties of options. The proteins that are used in each Beneful can can be chosen from pork, beef, lamb, or chicken. These proteins are then combines with barley, rice, carrots, or green beans to create a healthy and wholesome meal for each individual dog.