A Step Forward in the Cancer Fight, Led by Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is cancer drug company that is located in Bothell, Washington, just outside of Seattle. This company was founded in 1998 and CEO Clay Siegall was one of the original founders. Also serving as Chairman of the Board, Clay holds multiple degrees. He earned his B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and he earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. He has also written over 70 publications and he currently holds 15 patents. All of this is just a small portion of what helps Clay Siegall lead Seattle Genetics.

In recent years, Seattle Genetics has been working on some big plans. These plans cover multiple areas of the company and they are very ambitious. Currently, Adcetris is the lead drug that Seattle Genetics is researching, developing and marketing. This drug is used to treat Hodgkin lymphomas. It is being sold all over the world and has led to big profits for the company. They now want to expand on that.

Seattle Genetics is currently working on adding 12 more drugs to their lineup. These drugs will cover many types of cancers and their reach will be great. To help with all that goes into creating these drugs, more employees will be needed. Seattle Genetics is looking to add 100 employees in the near future. These 100 will be located in the United States based offices. In addition, another 20 employees will be added to the Switzerland-based office. All of the new employees will be on the operations side of the company.

Currently, Seattle Genetics has over 800 employees. Adding more employees and adding more cancer treating drugs to the company means big things are yet to come. The fight to find cancer treatments and cures continues and Seattle Genetics wants to play a larger role in that fight.

Acai Blueberry Lip Balm by EOS

Acai and blueberries are powerhouse fruits that are packed with anti-aging antioxidants. Evolution of Smooth has taken these 2 all-natural ingredients and infused them into a super smooth organic lip balm product that can beautify the lips after each use. This article will discuss the amazing benefits of acai and blueberries and why they should be a staple in your lip care regimen.

Acai berries have been touted for many beauty benefits. They are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and are packed with antioxidants. When applied topically, they can restore damaged skin cells and help dry dry retain moisture. This would be especially helpful in the winter months when the air is harsh on the lips. Acai is one of the healthiest berries available.

Blueberries are very similar regarding benefits. They are especially rich in vitamin C and can help restore collagen fibers on the lips, reducing the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Blueberries are also rich in proanthocyanidin. This chemical has been known to fight skin cancer and contribute to a healthy glow and complexion.

When combining both acai and blueberries into a single formula, you have yourself an incredible anti-aging lip balm.

EOS lip balm has a line of Smooth Sphere Lip Balms and they proudly present “Acai Blueberry” as one of the flavors. They infuse these potent extracts together for maximum skin and lip benefits. EOS lip balms contain many other ingredients such as all natural moisturizers such as oilve, coconut and jojoba oils. They also contain all natural sweeteners that taste amazing.

EOS lip balms are all natural and organic. They are safe for repeated use, unlike other products that contain dangerous chemicals, crude oils and preservatives. EOS lip balms should be a staple product to keep your lips moisturized, smooth and healthy. Get these products exclusively on Walmart or oinline via Ulta.com.



How IAP Worldwide Evolved

Did you know that IAP Worldwide evolved from many different companies? In fact, what you should know is that IAP Worldwide Services is now one of the largest emergency communications and services providers around the globe.

PAN AM World Services was one of the first companies to join the organization during the very first space launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida. This company on iapws.com was the expert in assisting with more than 2,500 launches and was able to bring their vast knowledge to the table for the good of the country and the future development of IAP Worldwide.

The next two decades proved to be exciting as IAP Worldwide Services grew into the company that could provide facilities support management during natural disasters, as well as assistance to military installations and master planning for airports.

The mission and values of IAP Worldwide are simple. The focus for IAP Worldwide is to solve the most challenging problems as well as to partner with customers fully in order to help them conquer the most difficult of situations. Taking on the mission of the customer is the most important thing, and it affects the ultimate turnout for the customer.

IAP has long recognized that there is never just one way to do things, and the flexibility that IAP offers is essential to not only solving problems, but it’s essential to do so quickly and with the best tools available. Finding creative ways to accomplish a task is critical for completing the task quickly and the right way. The commitment to the organizations that IAP works with is also strong and unwavering as more natural disasters strike and further challenges arise with governments around the world.

Working with humility as well as with resolve and the ability to embrace change is important for those who want to conquer these challenges with IAP Worldwide. Pursuing growth and learning is essential in order to work together with each and every organization to make the world better.

IAP Worldwide Services has been working for more than 60 years with government agencies around the world, and impacting even the harshest of locations and environments to improve quality of life and continue growth and learning through the process. Offering infrastructure and power services is essential in order for IAP Worldwide to continue to offer the very best in support that the world has to offer.

The Benefits Of Switching To LED Lighting

It is no secret that many families are making the switch to LED bulbs for their homes. What may seem like a big change from a standard light bulb is actually a simple change that holds a lot of benefits. Here are three benefits of switching to LED lighting.

LEDs Use Less Energy: LED light bulbs release less energy as heat than standard light bulbs. You can brighten up the room without heating it, which is always great for the warmer seasons. LED bulbs allow you to conserve energy and lower your electricity bills by almost $80.

Entrepreneur.com agrees that LEDs Are Eco-Friendly: If you are switching to a greener lifestyle, you can start by switching to LED light bulbs. LED bulbs do not contain any harmful elements such as mercury, and they do not release any harmful UV rays into the air.

LEDs Have A Long Life Span: LEDs last longer than other types of light bulbs, so you do not have to worry about changing the bulbs frequently. This is great for the environment because less resources are needed to manufacture new bulbs. It also allows you to save money on purchasing new light bulbs.

Gooee is a company that produces their own IoT lighting systems. They have developed their own Wireless Interface Module to control the luminaires of their lights. Gooee also offers energy management, predictive maintenance, lighting analytics and enterprise control to all clients.

You can conserve energy, lower your electricity bill and switch to a greener lifestyle by switching to LED light bulbs.

Successful Entrepreneur Mark Sparks and His Beginning Struggles

Marc Sparks was raised in Austin, Texas, where he graduate high school in 1975. He is an entrepreneur, who soon after high school was a principal in dozens of startups. Some were successful, while others were not as successful. It didn’t take him long to know that his passion was to build companies. He is considered a business expert and an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

Marc’s companies are often unique ideas, ones that others would not normally think of. He has been in the business for over 30 years and just recently put his words of wisdom on paper.

His book titled “They Cant Eat You“, is based on his experience and how he became an entrepreneur straight out of high school. The book was very emotional for him to write, it shares just as much of his unsuccessful experiences, as it shares of his successful ones.

Spark’s goal is to serve entrepreneurs in developing new businesses into revenue generation companies. All of his experiences led him to starting Timber Creek Capital, LP, which is a company that incorporates his 35 years of experience to tackle the multiple stages of launching a sustainable business.

He offers resources and his mentorship to those wanting to become a success just like him.

In 2016, he introduced a special process called Spark Tank. The point of Spark Tank is to award grants and mentoring to small non-profit organizations that support the community. Each group that submits their proposal, has a chance of winning a $5,000 grant to help fund their cause.

He and his Spark Tank team also announced their second Spark Tank grant, called Mommies in Need. The grant is to help provide childcare support for parents who cannot afford it.

Marc Spark’s ultimate goal is to help those struggling. He knows the feeling of devastation and challenges. He works hard to help others build their dream and accomplish their ultimate goal.

Venezuelan Businessman Shares His View On Politics And The Economy

Some Background On Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan businessman as well as a political figure. Mr. Gonzalez currently serves as a deputy in the Venezuelan National Assembly. This is like being a member of Congress in the United States from one of the fifty states. He represents the state of Guarico right now. This state is known for its rich agricultural land and production.

Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has also held a previous public office. This was being the head of the FEDECAMARAS. This is a governmental organization that oversees agriculture, mining, and other vital industries in the country. Jose Manuel Gonzalez’s business experience involves the trading of agricultural goods and foodstuffs.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez’s Views On The State Of The Economy And Politics

Jose Manuel Gonzalez brings a unique perspective to the table when it comes to the economy and political climate of Venezuela. He has served as both a public official and worked in the private sector as a businessman dealing with agricultural products. Here are some of his views on the economy.

Gonzalez says that the economy is doing poorly primarily because of 21st century socialism. The command economy is stripping away the incentives for farmers to grow food at home such as corn and rice. This is shown by the massive decrease in the amount of corn and rice now grown within Venezuela. People are resorting to growing other crops and trying to smuggle it across borders in order to make a living from agriculture. This is a deplorable situation that can be easily fixed by changing the economic policy of the current socialist administration.

When it comes to politics, Jose Manuel Gonzalez says there is much dysfunction within the federal government. The current administration blocks people from entering public service whom they deem a threat to their power or that want to change the policy. Mr. Gonzalez believes there are many bright people that want to serve their country in public office but are denied the opportunity due to the dictatorship of the country. People want to see a victory whatever party is in charge says Gonzalez. Right now, this does not happen.

Its Hard To Find A Reason Not To Use Evolution Of Smooths Lip Balm

Lip balms are an important personal care product for keeping the lips healthy and moist so they do not get dried out and chapped. There are many out there that do not care about the actual benefits to using balms, but rather what the balm looks like on their lips, but these are not the balms that are truly helpful. Fortunately, there are also lip balms that are healthy and make the lips look better as well. Evolution of Smooth has their line of lip balms that are both fun to apply but effective at keeping the lips supple and looking good. This, of course, requires remembering to put the product on every day as well.
Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms come in a fun ball applicator that makes application easy. EOS provide long lasting results to the lips, so it doesn’t need to be applied over and over throughout the day. They also have a variety of different fun flavors and colors for the balms that will likely make people want to keep applying it. Kids especially have fun with these lip balms.

Evolution of Smooth’s innovative lip balm applicator and high quality balm quickly became all the rage in many different places, even having advertising and use from popular celebrities. The product is so well known it has become widely available throughout the nation at most major retailers like Walmart, along with being available for purchase online at merchants like LuckyVitamin, Amazon and Ulta, also see, http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm. Despite its quality, EOS’s products are not expensive, and their lip balms are only a few dollars. With high quality ingredients like coconut oil and Shea butter, no one can go wrong with choosing Evolution of Smooth for all their lip maintenance needs.

Learn more about the company, visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/eos-products-evolution-of-smooth-.

Dick DeVos and His Wife Give Back Ten Fold with Their Successful Family Foundation

Dick DeVos is a man who has been truly blessed with success. He started his professional life with Amway, his father’s direct sales company, and worked his way up the ranks till he was chairman of the organization. In 1991 he became president and CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise a position in which he served for more than two years until he returned to Amway to serve as president. In the time since he has led the company to record profits and global expansion that has been unrivaled by other firms in the same market. With all of this success, DeVos has been able to secure a bright future for not only his family and employees but also for the world at large. Dick DeVos believes in not only succeeding in the boardroom, but in the philanthropic arena as well.


In 1989 along with his wife Betsy, Dick DeVos founded The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation addresses a wide variety of passions from the DeVos family and serves non-profit and community outreach organizations and movements spanning education, community, arts, justice, and leadership. The organization receives more than 500 requests for funding each year, and approves approximately 10 new organizations into the ranks of partnership. Most of the organizing partners have been with them from the early days and all organizations that receive funding are clearly aligned with the foundation’s areas of interests and guiding principles. It is this careful duration of partners that has made the DeVos foundation one of the most respected philanthropic organizations in America today.


Current recipients include organizations such as ArtPrize, The Potters House, and West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick and Betsy Devos through the foundation help organizations all over the world, but most of their efforts are concentrated in the greater Michigan area. The have the belief that helping change the world starts with helping to change your own backyard.


Dick DeVos is a man who has worked his whole life to foster an environment for success for his family, his companies and his community. Through his foundation is he gives back to the world that has given him and Betsy so much. It is this spirit of giving that he has instilled into the next generations of the DeVos family, with the couple’s four children and two grandchildren already learning the value of giving back and getting ready to take over the reins of the foundation to continue its good works for many years to come.


Top Businessman Duda Melzer

One of the most prominent business leaders in Brazil is Eduardo Melzer. He is currently in charge of two of the top companies in the nation known as Grupo RBS and e.Bricks. The company Grupo RBS is a top media company and e.Bricks is involved in venture capital and private equity. With these two companies, Melzer has established himself as one of the most successful business tycoons in Brazil and looks to continue making his companies leaders in their respective industries. With nearly two decades of experience, Duda Melzer has established a track record of running top companies and making them even more successful.

Before Duda Melzer would begin his career, he would first seek a good education. He would attend college in his home country of Brazil where he studied business and would eventually graduate with a degree in business administration in 1998. As well as getting a degree in business administration in Brazil, he would eventually come to the United States to attain a master’s degree in business administration at Harvard University. With this advanced education, Melzer would have a solid foundation of knowledge and credentials to help him get the most out his career.

After Melzer completed his education, he would then begin working in the business world by holding high level positions. He would work finance where he would prove himself to be a valuable contributor at the companies he worked at. In both Brazil and the United States, Duda would establish himself as a standout employee and eventually work for the company that his relatives owned. In 2008, Duda returned to Brazil to work for Grupo RBS where he would succeed his relatives in top management positions. Melzer would eventually become the Chairman of the Board of Directors at this company and help lead it to become a top company in Brazil.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Alpine Resorts, Settles The Olympic Valley Incorporation Problem

In an article that was originally reported in Reno-Gazette Journal, community members living on the north shore of Lake Tahoe were facing political and natural challenges a few years ago. As a result, the communities were financially strained.

The challenges were as a result of prolonged droughts that affected the operations of winter resorts around the lake. Small businesses that depended on the resorts’ services faced substantial economic challenges due to the economic crisis.

Besides drought, the community faced political challenges that resulted from a disagreement between the incorporation of Olympic Valley, which harbored Squaw Valley Resort, and owners of some beautiful terrains that were used to host leisure activities during the winters.

Despite the natural and political challenges that affected the resorts, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was confident that they will find a solution to the issues. As a result, the Ski Resorts made a decision to take advantage of nature and start their operations earlier than usual. This allowed them to host travelers saving them from storms and cold that preceded winter.

Read more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

To restore back the political environment, Andy Wirth decided to let go of the struggle to incorporate Olympic Valley. He confirmed that it was a painful retreat though it was a wise solution since the Ski resorts could have spent too much money on the issue. Additionally, he revealed that the small businesses that depended on the operations of the hotel could have faced massive financial losses due to resulting increase in tax and decreased levels of services.

To recover from the economic challenges, Squaw Resorts moved to advance its real estate enterprises by creating a gondola that would connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski areas.

Supporters of the incorporation of Olympic Valley accused Squaw Valley ski resorts saying that they were against the residents’ position on land use. Moreover, they wanted Olympic Valley to remain in the hands of Placers County supervisors.

Andy Wirth defended their step affirming that their intention was to promote unity among community members. Teamwork was crucial in making decisions regarding issues on transportation beyond Olympic Valley.

Squaw Valley ski resorts boast of a visionary leadership headed by its CEO, Andy Wirth. Wirth’s extensive leadership capabilities earned him a seat on the board of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. His inclusion was part of a plan to improve the airport’s operations by getting new ideas from experienced and passionate individuals in the field of hospitality.

Andy Wirth was considered by the board due to his experience in international resort management. He will also boost the airline’s market reach after working for other airlines around Utah, Colorado, and Canada. Subsequently, he was assigned the task of coordinating air travels between Lake Tahoe and Reno-Spark’s region.