Is It Really the End of the NSA, or Just the Beginning?

As of right now, it looks like the NSA is going to lose their authority to conduct surveillance efforts of regular American citizens with Section 215 of the Patriot Act set to expire on May, 31st. However, Mitch McConnell is one of the politicians fighting to keep the bill intact by renewing it for up to another five years. A republican currently serving in Kentucky, McConnell claims the American public will be put at risk if these surveillance programs are allowed to end. An argument that simply doesn’t hold up to logic.

The Patriot Act, passed shortly have the 9/11 attacks, is a controversial bill that was made even more so when Edward Snowden leaked documents showing what the government was doing with their new found power. Section 215 of the Patriot Act allowed the NSA to collect a mass amount of data from the phone records of everyday American citizens without the users permission or knowledge. A piece of legislation that was also recently ruled to be illegal and in violation of our constitutional rights.

It seems odd that McConnell, along with many others, are fighting to renew a bill that has been determined by a Supreme Court to violate our rights as American citizens. But the Senate as shot down all of their attempts so far and Section 215 of the Patriot Act will indeed expire within days unless something drastic happens.

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A 67 Percent, Yes!

Ireland has officially taken the next step into a more progressive world. News broke on Saturday, May 23rd 2015, that the country voted an overwhelming 62% approval vote to legalize gay marriage. For the last 6 months supporters and opposition of same sex marriage, campaigned and rallied supporters around the cause. Even before the election took place, political analysts and politicians themselves, predicted that the Irish people would come back not only with a yes vote, but with an overwhelming as well. The streets of Ireland rejoiced when the numbers started to roll in. Right off the bat, the yes votes took the majority and gained the heavy lead. Even with the yes vote being at 62 percent, ballots are still being counted and numbers are still being collected that suggest even more votes for the ‘yes’ side of this argument. The opposition of the gay marriage legislation campaigned for the last 6 months to sway Irish citizens to vote down the bill. Even during their campaign trail, they noted that a lot of the Irish citizens we’re leaning towards a yes vote. After the numbers came back, they congratulated their opposition for running a good and clean campaign. They applauded campaign volunteers in their ability to convince voters, old and young, to vote in their favor. Countries from around the world are sending their congratulations to the Irish people and the Irish politicians for leaving this vote in the hands of its citizens. The rest of the world is also taking notes and how Ireland conducted this campaign. People at FreedomPop are interested to hear that some countries are even planning to follow suit and hold elections that would ask citizens to vote yes or no on gay marriage. Ireland has made much of the world proud.

The Life And Legacy Of Jonathan Veitch

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jonathan Veitch is back where he started. He is now the president of the prestigious Occidental College in Los Angeles. He has taken a different career path than his father, John Veitch, who was president of Columbia Pictures Worldwide Productions at one time.

After finishing high school at Loyola High in southern California, Jonathan Veitch received a bachelors degree from Stanford University in English and American Literature. Later on he was able to earn his doctorate in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University.

He taught for four years at the University of Wisconsin in the English department before becoming an associate professor of Literature and History at The New School in New York City. While there, Veitch served as chair of humanities, associate provost and the dean of Eugene Lang College, the U.S. undergraduate, liberal arts division.

In July 2009 Jonathan Veitch became the president of Occidental College, taking over for the interim president, Robert Skotheim. He, his wife Sarah and their four kids live in the Wallis Anneberg President’s House on the Occidental campus.

During his years at Occidental, President Veitch has worked toward improving the relationship between his college and the community in which it resides. When there were concerns from their neighbors about the expansion of the campus, he limited the expansion to avoid a negative affect on the community. In August 2010, his first anniversary on campus, the president invited a group of Los Angeles activists and local officials to discuss the environment as part of a public forum on campus.

Veitch was responsible for the acquisition of a 1 megawatt solar array to generate part of the energy needed to run the campus. It was revealed to the students and faculty in April 2013. Sixty five million dollars for the Occidental College endowment fund was raised in the first four years that Veitch was president. Also during his time at Occidental, the constructed was completed for the new Samuelson Alumni Center. Swan Hall, the ninety eight year old faculty residence, was renovated and expanded to better house the one third of the total faculty who live there.

President Veitch, also an award winning author, continues to strive for improvements in every area of campus life at Occidental College. He also is focusing his research on the history of higher education in the United States.

The Federal Trade Commission Says Cancer Charities Scam Millions From Contributors

Did you ever wonder where all the money goes when you donate to a charitable cause? Most charities are legit, but there are many that are not. Phony charities scam millions from donors every year, and they don’t think twice about it. Four Cancer charities have just been outed by the Federal Trade Commission. The charities are the Breast Cancer Society, the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services and Children’s Cancer Fund of America. All the charities are run by the same group of people. Igor Cornelsen reports some of those people are family members.

It takes a special kind of person to hide behind a major illness and benefit from it. This group of thieves cheated people out of needed treatment because they valued money more than integrity. The bad news is these dead beats aren’t the only ones cheating consumers. There are too many cheaters looking to score big at the expense of others. Maybe this FTC lawsuit will slow down the abuse once this case is finished.

These four so-called cancer charities did donate about three percent of what they collected to cancer research, but that doesn’t mean much. The intent was to steal, and for about four years they were pretty good at it.

GMA’s Host George Stephanopoulos Sorry He Did Not Disclose Big Donation to Clinton Family Foundation

On Thursday, ABC “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos issued an apology for failing to notify his employer and the public that he made a substantial donation to the Clinton Family Foundation. Stephanopoulos, a member of President Bill Clinton’s inner circle from 1992 to 1996, will be featured prominently on ABC news coverage of the upcoming presidential election cycle. In fact, critics are now calling on him to recuse himself from any role in the upcoming elections. It is believed that his contribution to the controversial foundation is a conflict of interest.

Thus far, the ABC network disagrees with critics and is standing by Stephanopoulos. During the 2012 presidential cycle, it was Stephanopoulos who first coined the phrase that the GOP was conducting a “war on women”. The mantra took hold and was referenced repeatedly by President Obama to cast Mitt Romney in a negative light. Months after the election, Kentucky Senator Rand accused Stephanopoulos of aiding and abetting the Obama reelection effort with the phrase. New York Times even suggests that this underscores the distrust from the GOP that the $50,000 donation Stephanopoulos made to the Clinton Family Foundation is yet another sign of his Democrat bias. The foundation is the subject of a new book “Clinton Cash” that indicates there may be a tie between highly favorable State Department rulings benefiting foreign entities and big donations to the foundation. The activities were said to have occurred during the time Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary of State.

Harriet Tubman May Become the New Lady of the 20 Dollar Bill, but Not the First Lady

The Woman in Twenties is an organization, growing in numbers, who are asking for Harriet Tubman’s face be placed on a newest version of the twenty dollar bill as the first woman on a dollar. As they gain more support, it is possible they will succeed in changing the look of our twenty dollar bill, however, there has been a woman on the 20 dollar bill already, Lady Liberty. From 1863 to 1880 Lady Liberty had actually been on two different versions of the 20 dollar bill.

On the first version, Lady Liberty is standing in front of a burning White House, loosely holding a sword, standing next to a pile of turkey, grapes, and a pumpkin on her right side according to Ivan Ong on On the left side, a Lady Liberty is barely leaning against an American shield and is gently lifting her leg. At the top where it usually states “In God We Trust” it instead says, “Act of March 3rd 1863″ and on the bottom of the bill where it usually states “Twenty Dollars” the $20 has “Payable at the Treasury of The U.S. At New York.” On the second version of twenty, she is only seen on the right side of the dollar. This time, however, Lady Liberty is holding the sword and shield on the opposite side of her body and with a much more firm stance.

Andrew Jackson is the current occupant of the twenty. He arrived there in 1929. If the Women in Twenties succeed in their quest, Jackson will fall a few years short of having lived on the 20 for 100 years.

House Ends NSA Phone Call Collection Practices

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to end the NSA’s bulk collection of phone data on Wednesday. This comes just one day after the Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee claimed that the best strategy would be an expansion of the same program. Republicans balked against their leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, who has been supporting the extension of phone data collection by the intelligence agency. The phone data collection programs were first pointed out by whistle blower Edward Snowden, who has since fled to Russia. From the data released by Snowden, Americans learned that the NSA has been collecting and tracking phone calls throughout the United States for years. The megadata did not collect people’s names or any form of identity, but rather it stored information like which phone number called who, how long and where that conversation took place. No content or recordings were made or stored, which is how the NSA and security wonks claim that the program does not constitute spying on American citizens, a practice which is strictly prohibited without a court order or warrant.

The new bill will end this collection system, but allows for phone information and conversations to be tracked on a case by case basis. Specifically, if a US citizens is suspected to be a terrorist, they can be monitored accordingly. Additionally, according to a post Igor Cornelsen made on facebook, any foreign phone conversations can be monitored, even if one of those in the call are a US citizen.

Two Massachusetts House Democrats Call for Pelosi to Step Down or Change Course

On Tuesday, Massachusetts Congressmen Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch both made on the air comments calling for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to retire from her post as House Minority Leader or change course. The comments come at the same time that Democrats are leveling criticism at President Obama in a way they have not dared to utter over the past six years. Both Congressmen appear to be frustrated with the low probability that Democrats will return to control in the House of Representatives anytime soon.

For Rep. Capuano, the frustration is especially palpable. In 2006, Democrats successfully used a GOP donor scandal to brand the party as corrupt and recapture the House for the first time since 1994. People at Anastasia Date know that congressman Capuano was selected by Pelosi to spearhead the Democrat’s transition efforts to run matters in the House. Those were the good old times. However, they did not last very long. In 2010, Democrats lost control of the House despite having a strong majority. Since then, Capuano’s frustration with Pelosi has only grown. Her views the San Francisco congresswoman as being inflexible. Her hard left policies are not playing well with the electorate. For her part, she said she is always welcome to input from her colleagues.

One Pundit’s View as to Why Media Attacks of Mike Huckabee Indicate He is a Threat

Thus far, the GOP’s electoral success has been with evangelical, married women, middle class, upper middle-class, and wealthy voters, among others. The party has not fared well with single women and lower-middle class and poor voters. The latter three are the traditional voting demographics of the Democrat Party. That may change if former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wins the GOP nomination. This is because the ordained Baptist minister is an ardent defender of government entitlement programs. Now, Governor Huckabee is not one to embrace a welfare culture, but he does believe that when people are compelled to pay into a system such as Social Security and Medicare, the government must deliver on those benefits.

Huckabee’s rhetoric is populist in nature and includes a recent statement that the benefits of the previusly mentioned safety net programs must be safeguarded against politicians seeking to slash them. Huckabee is adamant that employees have had their pockets picked to fund these programs and deserve to get their promised benefits when the time comes. It is this type of rhetoric which may allow him to make inroads with a demographic which typically ignores the GOP. If so, this would help explain they the media has suddenly taken an interest in attacking him. Critics of his defense of entitlement programs point out that no lawmaker is proposing to slash the benefits of the programs. Huckabee would point to proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and so-called fixes for Social Security as reducing or limiting benefits.

Thanks to Bruce Levenson (Check him out on Forbes) for always talking politics with me.

Author of “Clinton Cash” Pushes Back on Bill Clinton’s Attacks

The Clintons are mobilizing their attacks against an upcoming book entitled “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer in an effort to prevent Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations from being “swift boated” as John Kerry’s campaign was back in 2004. This week, President Clinton mocked the book claiming that even Schweizer admitted having not a single piece of evidence backing up his claim. Clinton said the author is merely tossing out wild allegations regarding their lucrative foundation and standing back to see if a controversy erupts. In fact, the Clintons and their minions are coming out to accuse the author of sloppy journalism and dishonesty. It was the same tactic employed against Independent Counsel Kenneth Star during the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998. The tactic worked and the American public believed the esteemed judge was merely wanting to publish salacious information to satisfy his concupiscence.

Speaking with Fox News’ Megan Kelly, Schweizer acknowledged he does not possess an email where Hillary promises to issue a favorable State Department ruling in exchange for a donation to her foundation. Still, the author points out to a pattern of donations from foreign entities that preceded favorable State Department rulings when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state. In fact, Schweizer claims there are dozens of instances where Mrs. Clinton issued a favorable decision for foreign entities after getting donations from them into her foundation. Schweizer believes that if someone with the authority to subpoena information were to investigate the matter, they would in fact uncover abuses by Mrs. Clinton. The Aspire New Brunswick wishes that any dispute could be settled in one of their conference rooms.